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Quick Card

I need some inspiration, so I decided to make some quick cards while listening to "The Confession". I thought this might also serve as a nice Mother's Day card - of course, replacing the "Hello". Anyway, that book is a bit sad so far. It screams of racial injustice and the our harsh indifferent prison system - or rather the indifference we give death row inmates.

Candace 2009

Candace 2009 , originally uploaded by bloomingpink . Image Transfer I finished today in-between chores. I miss her.

Painting with Acrylics

FX PhotoStudio Image , originally uploaded by bloomingpink .

End of a Day at Camp

I think this look says it all....he is beginning to really enjoy going to day care all day when I work at the office!

Making New Friends

They have web-cams! So I've been spying. What fun.

Off to Doggie Daycare

On a less dramatic note, my little buddy is starting doggie daycare on Thursday. He gets his stitches out at the vet and then off to make new friends! Yes, I know. He's a really pampered Paris Hilton doggie.

Radical Change Agent

Across the Atlantic Hitch hiking with a friend (somewhat volatile relationship) No cell phone to communicate to Mom Left London on or about 3/30. Okay, it's only been two weeks, but I'm getting a little bit worried. What's a Mom to do with such a confident pioneer?


Oliver , originally uploaded by bloomingpink . Playing around this morning in photoshop. I found a great website. Fun useful photoshop techniques. I used the light technique here along with sundry other techniques I use regularly. PHOTOSHOP TUTORIALS HERE

The Absence of Conversation

I want to read this book, but I am not sure it will explain my past or present very well. What happens when sisters have no conversations, for many many years. I need a book about that. Or simply an answer. I have two sisters where I haven't had any meaningful conversation (really no conversation at all) since I left home in 1985. I have 3 sisters. One, I call from time to time and talk some. But not much since "The Homecoming". I don't dialogue with either of my brothers either. One I do, the other, I don't think I even know his phone number. What happened to us when we were young that resulted in this isolation from each other? I can tell you that I'm not the only one in my family enduring this. None of us relate. We're relations that don't relate. It really plagues my thoughts at times. But I never EVER pick up the phone, because well, what would I say? We aren't little kids playing on the jungle gym or swings anymore. We're all gr

Branch Out Pendant

Branch Out Pendant , originally uploaded by bloomingpink . I finished this yesterday morning AFTER I finished the headband. I didn't get any housework done...other than laundry.....oh, and I did sort through my chest of drawers and got rid of a bunch of clothes that no longer fit (on my bigger....behind!) And yes, my basement is still a major wreck of disorganization...but at least it isn't wet. But, oh, isn't this tree pretty....I was working on it for the past three months on Thursday nights. Finally got it finished! That is the "front". ....And this is the back.


Headband , originally uploaded by bloomingpink . Knitting and watching a "10 Items or Less" marathon on Hulu. Finished (finally)....I guess it'll be ready for next season's use. The pattern for the headband is HERE . My little guy is feeling alot better. He is still resting lots, but he's back to barking at squirrels and playing fetch....

Oliver resting comfortably

Oliver at home following surgery , originally uploaded by bloomingpink . home following surgery He had a rough day, but did well. He has two incisions because one of his testicles was in his abdomen...and they had to pull 5 baby teeth, so he is pretty sore, but what a little trooper! Poor thing. The vet said everyone was carrying him around...the surgery notes even said, "He sure is a cutey pie". He's a little charmer for sure.