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Fiesta Friday!

I am more than happy that it's Friday. Cannot wait for 4:00 pm, when I jet out of here to go have a little fun with some of my friends. Then off to pick up my husband, who has been away all week in Jackson, MS working. I miss him.


I went to the Farmer's Market today to pick up a bussel of apples for applesauce. To market to market to buy a fresh .........well, you get the picture. I had never been to this market before. After a recommendation from my in-laws, I decided that it was a beautiful day for the 30 minute drive to the Booth Corner Farmer's Market. Eggs, veggies, and then a stroll around. I turn a corner and in front of me is this little guy..... Meet Oliver Who is now at home with us. After an adventureous ride home and meeting the family, he enthusiastically tried to make friends with Clyde and my cats. Dave and John were happy to have him and thought he was adorable, but...well, let's just say that Clyde and the cats were not the least bit interested in befriending this ball of energy. So to run off some steam, he froliced around outside, did his business and then cozied next to Dave on the couch where he is now fast asleep. I am sure he's going to be very active again right when we need to…

Spooktactular Month

With so much going on, I thought I would jump start this month with a'em ghastly image.