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Naughty Christmas

I am participating in a Naughty Christmas Card swap online at Splitcoaststampers. I have quite an assortment of Christmas rubber stamps and a few quotes that are a little on the edge, so I thought it would be fun.

However, it was a challenge coming up with a image that would go with the text...but I finally landed on this.

This is what Yello would look like if I made her wear antlers!

This is the inside of the card. I have always liked that RBBB stamp of the dog (and yes, I know, it doesn't REALLY go with the front, but it really is naughty!)

New Voodoo Doll Tool

Hey Jean...I found you a new tool!!! It's on its way to you!

O, Please let it be Friday!

I'm so ready for the weekend! And next week is going to be a very easy week, because I only work on Monday...then over the river and through the woods.

Anyway, in celebration of the upcoming break, I created this card!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner

I think today was the first day I realized, I mean actually realized, that Christmas is fast approaching.

With my daughter not home for Thanksgiving or Christmas this year, I guess my motivation is just not gearing up for merriment.

In our team meeting, we were discussing absences and low and behold, I realized that I was off next week to go to my mom's house.....for Thanksgiving.

I couldn't believe it. Already.

I think it's time to build my list of presents to make or aquire or I won't make it in time.



So, here's a photo of my latest painting. I finished it in early October, but just now got around to posting it for you to see.

I'm calling it "Statue". It's rather large - 24 x 36, so when framed, I'm not exactly sure where I'm gonna put it. Marsha, an awesome painter in the class, suggested a gallery, but I think she was just being nice. Anyway...I like it! Hope you do too.

And here's the goof finishing it up. I seriously needed a salon appointment that day.

Autumn Greetings

Birth of a Card

Author: Me!

Surrounded by Paper
And Covered in Ink

Must Make a Card
But I Just Can't Think

Several Ideas
Abound from my Head

Paper to Ink
Mistakes I do Dread

Just Do It! Just Do It!
I Hear Myself Say

Creation a Must
To Finish the Day

The First One is Crumpled
and Tossed On the Floor

In a Short Timeframe
There Appear Many More

With Time it Erupts
A New Idea Formed

With Trail-Blazing Fury
A New Card is Born


Well, today is it. Time to vote for the next four years. I hope you were doing well and able to get out and flip the switch for the candidates you felt would do the best job.

Take Care!

My Little Helpers

So, last night I had two little helpers to hand out candy.

Here are two of my kitties, Kinky and Coma, all dressed up waiting for the gouls to come by for treats.

They were both so very cooperative with the outfits! No complaining. I was surprised. Kinky is the bee and Coma is the one in the T-shirt. Of course, Yello, is obviously missing from the designer-wear. She would have NOTHING to do with me putting ANYTHING on her.

We only had a group of three little kids show up. :-( I live on a single street culdesac and there aren't any little kids anymore, so I guess we aren't an inviting street for raking in the chocolate.

Anyway, after about two hours of waiting for the Gouls, this is what Kinky looked like. Her spirit was gone!

Isn't she the cutest little thing! She protected the goods until she just couldn't keep herself awake one moment longer!