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You Still Have Time - Party Challenge Anything Goes

    There's still time to enter your project for the challenge over at 3GirlJam! The theme is "Party - Anything Goes". The project needs to include ribbon, but it doesn't have to be 3GirlJam ribbon. It runs until 1/31...and that's this Thursday!

Valentine Treats

It's really getting chilly over here in the North East.  I think we're finally getting a winter.  Even had a little snow last night! I hope you're ready for a little inspiration. Let me start with a confession... I LOVE CHOCOLATE.  I LOVE STAMPING AND PAPER ARTS AND 3GIRLJAM RIBBON ! Ha, so what better solution than to combine it all! Whatcha Think? Good Plan? I made a boat load of these - because I bought a boat load of candy! HAD to make sure I used every piece cuz otherwise each of those deceitfully small bits of awesome will end up on my hips! AND What's even better is that I have been fluttering about like I'm cupid (except I have had my clothes on) and giving these away. To strangers in the grocery At work And even at the doctor's and physical therapists office. I'ts been fun seeing folks smile...  [Except for maybe the one grouchy man at the pharmacy that insisted I take it back and would I

Party Challenge and my Sweet Treat

Here is a simple, but elegant treat I put together in anticipation of the 3GirlJam Challenge....that STARTS today! Since February will be here before I blink, I've been thinking back to all those school valentine parties that I used to have when I was a child...and then those my daughter had in elementary school.  She really stressed about making sure that she brought in the ABSOLUTE best valentines and gifties that she could talk me into.  I don't really remember the pressure when I was a child, but I believe my daughter either invented her own perfection and pressure OR there was this overhanging competitive nature in even the smallest gestures that I either never paid attention to...OR it didn't exist. (Now, how was THAT for a run-on sentence!) Anyway, I also think the recent visit to 3GirlJam's store ALSO got me thinking about it all, because they have introduced the NEXT iteration of buttons in their store that I just had to use on this simple treat. ...righ

3 Girl Jam - Design Team Call!

Calling all passionate crafters!  3 Girl Jam is having another design team call for three spots!  If you are interested in expanding the exposure of your super awesome crafting skills, this might be just what you're looking for! You can find out all about it on the 3GirlJam blog HERE . Limber up those designer muscles and show us your WOW.

Growing in Unity - Winner

©RLD September 2012 Pacific Northwest Peninsula, Washington State It's time to announce the winner for my week participating in Growing in Unity!  BUT FIRST I want to thank everyone for their lovely comments.  So many wonderful reflections from the questions I posed. Your words made me smile and learn a little about each of you.  It's so nice to take a moment and appreciate all our memories, wishes for the future, and places we want to see ourselves go. Okay, now, without delay.  I used RANDOM.ORG to generate the random numbers. The first random number was for the DAY, which produced the number 4.  And that's why I have the glittery starfish image! And then came the post! Drumroll!  The winner is Lindsey, from Bashful Blogging !  Lindsey, give Unity a call and tell them what two Itty Bitty stamps you want! Everyone else, let's all go bombard her blog with congratulatory messages!  And again, thanks for all the wonderful comments this past we

Growing in Unity - Day 5 {Be Your Own Beautiful}

Well, here we are, my last post for the week!  It's Friday, and I am happy to report that I survived my first 2013 work week (an entire three days, mind you) after my little break in December. I thought I would finish off the week with a bright and cheerful card. Because it's getting colder and colder, and this is how I'm choosing to fight off that chill (this and some hot yoga sessions at my local yoga center) ......oh, and delighting in the fact that after passing winter solstice, we are now seeing more daylight with each passing day! I'm going to slip this card in with my daughter's stuff (somehow) when I see her this weekend.  She is about to leave the country, spending the next several months abroad.  And if you remember, she did this a year or so ago.  It was difficult, because she is a bit of a nomad and off the grid when she's abroad (no phone/computer).  So, we don't talk as often as we do when she is "Home"....mostly whenever she i

Growing in Unity - Day 4 {Blustery}

Phew! It looks like I am going to make it!  Through my first week back at work...HA!  I've spent most of this first week staring at workflow diagrams trying to remember what I was supposed to be up to.  Oh, and missing my sweet little babies, who were shut in at home with far too much energy. Todays project is a couple of tags that I whipped up.  So, on the left, I was suffering the recent snow we had this past weekend.  And on the right, I'm dreaming of Jupiter Beach in Florida, where the sea turtles winter.  I'd like to be on the beach, soaking up heat and sun, letting the sand warm my toes. The stamps I used on the left tag include: Mitten Weather Icons Mitten Weather Flourishes Snowflake Kisses Snowglobe Wonderland The right tag used far fewer stamp sets!  Only one, in fact: Under the Sea Only one more day, my friends, and we can say adios to the first week of 2013!  How is your first week of 2013 shaping up? I'm sure it will be even BETTER if yo

Growing in Unity - Day 3 {Tick Toc}

So how did your New Year start?  Was it grand and to be remembered? We said goodbye to 2012 at the Art Museum.  Fun.  And I got to wear my fancy new Christmas cowboy boots, so at least I left 2012 in style. Ah well, my wonderful holiday is over.  Back at work.  Back watching the clock, which is what inspired my project today.  Because you know, if you have to watch the hours pass, it ought to be a beautiful one, yes? My fingers and nails were blue for two days after I finished this.  Even with my fancy getup on at the party, my fingers were a sight.   So, this is a hardboard canvas that painted and stamped and layered and painted and stamped some more.  Then made it into a clock. The stamp set I used for this is a little bit washi . Anyway, I just LOVE the results.  I took it to work so that at least there was a little excitement. Here is a close-up of the texture created from the layers and letters! Remember to leave me a comment below for your change to win 2 itt

Growing in Unity - Day 2 {You Me Us}

Happy New Year everyone!  Today is the first day of a brand new year!  What are your dreams for this year? I would imagine that my mum, with her sisters in the photos above, had all sorts of dreams.  And a story to share. Even at their wee age. This is another page in my incredibly overdue project to scrapbook my mum's old photos.  The stamps I used in this project are from the  SMAK Kit - April 2012   and  Sweet Summer - KOM June 2012 .   This was fun.  Now I really only have about 40 more pages to do and then I'll be done.  I really need to amp up so she sees this before too much longer! So, on this first day of the new year, I look at the past.  And dream of the future. Tell me your dreams!