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Precious You

Good Morning. I wanted to show everyone a few more pages in the journal I've been working on for the past couple weeks (that is now in route to the recipient).   In the pages I am showing you today, I used a couple special items from Pinque Peacock  products.   One thing I really like about PP products is that each item is made with care and attention...and  that is exactly what my  friend needs.  I wanted to make sure  each and every page in this journal was very precious. I sure do hope you like my project...I'll be tickled when she gets in the mail... Here's a showcase of the pages where I used PP pins and buttons! You can see other pages on this post HERE . And here's a few pages I've not yet shown:

Mixed Up Media Chix - Summertime Blog Hop!

I have a fun project to share today!  Very excited about this one.  I've been working on it for over a week's still not completely done, but it's getting there! I've done this for a super wonderful friend that is going through a bit of a rough time.  She needs encouragement, so I'm putting together a little art journal to let her know how special she is. And while this is a special gift, it's also part of a really fun blog hop I'm participating in with the other Mixed Up Media Chix!   Follow along...You'll truly be inspired. So, if you need to start at the beginning: HOP START Oh, guess what else is going on... IT'S OFFICIALLY SUMMER. IT'S MY ANNIVERSARY. Anyway... Here are a few images of the pages in the journal. Each page has a little journal page insert:  This journal was made from lots of recycled stuff, including...wait for it.... Toilet Paper Rolls!

Hiya Gramps

I made this birthday card for my daughter Candace's grandpa's birthday (mouthful). I love that man.  Whenever I think of him, I smile.  And he was a tough cookie. He's not my dad.  He's my daughter's father's dad (another mouthful). I hope he likes this card.  I have a really difficult time making cards suitable for men...and this one barely fits the bill...the little bow on that button just might cross the line a bit, but I don't think he'll mind.  He's really old. HA! Don't worry, he wouldn't mind the's a thing we have...insulting each other.   I know.  Disturbing. You know he's one of these guys that comes across as crotchety, hard, tough.  And he is.  I remember being youngER.  I never wanted him angry at me.  He is scary direct.  You don't want to disappoint this man. He tells you what makes him proud. And it's genuine. He is just as genuine when he's upset. So you never wan

Birthday Blog Hop Winner

I have a quick announcement to make this morning!   I've chosen the winner (with the help of of the Birthday Hop Gift Certificate. Sherry Congratulations.  You followed the rules and left everyone such nice comments along the way. Please send your email address to Julie at!  Let her know I sent you to get your birthday hop gift certificate!

Big Birthday Celebration

Are you here having fun hopping along with 3GirlJAM in celebration of Julie's sister's big birthday year?  What a great little cyber party we're having!  (she's really a young thing, but she's having a great year) Well, if not, you should be hopping along (I'll tell you why in a moment). There are some really wonderful birthday ideas from all of us on the design team...and including Julie's two girls, who are also having fun celebrating their aunt's birthday. If you need to go back to the beginning, head over to the 3GirlJAM blog to get started.  Otherwise.... Here's my card in celebration her special year! I used blue crinkle ribbon from the newly released  Red,White,Blue Bundle.   It's such a nice shade of blue!  The white has bits of the red and blue in it (and I love the ribbon when it's like that)...and the red is also pretty marachino cherries.  The little button in the center is from Pinque Peacock (l

Pinque Peacock June Blog Hop!

Today I'm thrilled to be participating in Pinque Peacock's June Blog hop! Jessica outdid herself this month, because the products are just amazing.  Really! Take a close look at the wonderful stick pin I used on my FireCracker Mini Bag: Isn't the start wonderful?  It's a GORGEOUS bead. You can find directions for making this awesome mini bag: MINI BAG If you haven't hopped yet, you will want to.  Start on the Pinque Peacock blog:  CLICK ME If you follow along and join in the fun, you will qualify for this month prize package: THIS PRIZE IS AWESOME! Read all about qualifying over on the Pinque Peacock blog Well, I don't want to keep's supposed to be a gorgeous Sunday here.  Hope you are experiencing some really wonderful weather too. Anyway, just click below and you'll be on your way! NEXT HOP SPOT - SHELLY

Live the Life...

Imagined.... I so really want to tell myself that right now! But, of course, this card isn't for me.  It's for a dear sweet friend who I believe has made a change and I believe she is finally achieving what some of what she imagines.  She believes in herself and I am so happy to see that strength of spirit. I'm featuring this card over on the 3GirlJAM Challenge blog today.  But let me tell you a little about the other stuff I used. That gorgeous button in the center of the flower is from my favorite home based awesome business, Pinque Peacock . And so is that Navy crinkle ribbon from 3GirlJAM ! I just love the fact that these buttons are handcrafted in the USA, the owners are home based enthusiastic business owners, and interacting with "customer service" is interacting with the CEO!    Oh and some CEO who is already rich, isn't getting the bulk of the's going in direct support of the FAMILY!  What's not to love about