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Fruits of My Labor

Just finished up a batch of Blueberry Citrus Conserves. Wonderful lovely array of colors and smells.

Conserve. I like that word.  It's both intriguing and sophisticated.

Not understanding the difference between a "Conserve" and a "Preserve", I looked it up.  Lo and behold, it really is generally the same, except that a conserve often includes a variety of vegetables, nuts along with the fruit.
I have decided I truly enjoy canning...with the right music, it is very relaxing...

And produces something absolutely de-lish!

Nudder Pic of the Boy!

I cannot say enuf how much fun I have when Oliver is around. Here is a BW shot scan of the neg that I took in Dewey Beach. I found a beach that allows dogs, so next week when I have a few days off, we're venturing back there on at least one of the days to hang out and relax! Just me and the dogs!

Lens Baby and my old Canon EOS.  Contrast correction in Photoshop.

I'll be in the dark room next week and will see if I can achieve some similar results the "pure" way.

In the Dark Room for a Sunny Future

I've been spending a few hours a week in the dark room developing.  This is one from a trip with my husband and dogs to a Hardwood supplier that sales exotic woods for fine wood working.

Enjoy the Ride is the title.

Dogs live a simple,fun-loving, everything is an adventure sort of life, don't they?

So Glad He Did...

'Nuf Said.

Happy 10th Anniversary, HB!


PearsLinda Pastan Some say it was a pear Eve ate. Why else the shape of the womb, or of the cello Whose single song is grief for the parent tree? Why else the fruit itself tawny and sweet which your lover over breakfast lets go your pear- shaped breast to reach for?

Dream to Be

It's that time of year again.  All the new grads out there, happy to be done with school (most of all), while also thinking of the future and dreaming about all the possibilities.

I remember.  High School graduation AND my college graduation.

Dreams.  All of them.

And that is what this card is all about.  We have several family members graduating this of which is my DAUGHTER.  She has graduated from college!  I'm so proud of her.  If you didn't see a recent picture, here she is again!  Isn't she beautiful?!

Dream to Be

You can see all the new {ippity} sets being released tonight! NOW.  YAY.  I love this time every month.  New rubber is always a good thing.
You can get all the new great sets at the Unity Stamp Company Website
Click above to be taken to the company home page.
If you haven't selected an {ippity} chick, you will need to select a chick to proceed to the pages for the stamps.
And don't forget that there is always a great deal the first week…

Bloomin' Fun Weekend

I have had a super busy week, which is ridiculous considering that one day was a holiday while another day was a vacation day.  But when at work, it was 120%....and unfortunately, for the next few months, I don't see it easing much.
But enough about all that, since in only a short bit, I'll be at it again.
In the meantime, I have been fighting a creativity block, breaking through with a card that I'm happy to include in a swap I signed up for (and was late on).  I used the {ippity} set, Bloom and Simplify.The sentiment was an itty bitty that I received just before the holiday weekend!

This next project was a little necklace that I made similar to the necklaces I highlighted in the {ippity} April release, HERE.  I am sending this little present to someone that I'm sure will be very surprised!

And here is my beautiful daughter, Candace, modeling a scarf I weaved and gave to her.  It is the first project I've woven and I have to say that I'm really happy with it!…