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Waiting for Irene

We're sitting here waiting for the worst of Irene. We've hunkered down. Since noon, the rain has been steadily rising and the trees increasing their dance. I'm not sure my confident sump pump can take the load. They say we'll receive at least...did you hear LEAST... 8" of rain. That means the little guy will be working constantly. Oliver, unimpressed, remains interested in the birds soaking on the patio, picking up the seeds I scattered earlier. He'd much rather be in the back yard illustrating his might with the squirrels.

I'm Too Cute....

Here's another photo of Oliver from our trip in town with Dave and family.  It's amazing how patient he can be when I have a bit of bacon in my pocket!

Sioux Falls

Pinhole camera shot of the falls, July 2011.


Oliver and I went around taking pictures while Dave and his sister, brother, and parents participated in the Tour de Lance 5 K run/walk tonight. He was so good, practicing his "stay"....Isn't he about as cute as he can be?


What, you the end of August? Yes, my sweet little Oliver graduated from obedience training tonight....and no, outside of class, he's not that good. He has the cunning ability to understand when he's in school...and when he's not in school. Does that sound familiar? Kids, pets...the same? OK, all kidding aside, he really is so much fun....all that energy wrapped into a tiny 4.5 pound package...and his little eyes just express an enthusiasm that cannot be expressed in least by me. So, yay. He's a graduate!

Motorcyclist seriously hurt as she hits truck in Schuylkill

Motorcyclist seriously hurt as she hits truck in Schuylkill Above is the article of my friend, Joanne (pictured at top), that was in a serious motorcycle accident yesterday. Please keep her in your thoughts today. She is holding strong, but is in very serious condition. She came over a blind hill at 45 mph (in a 55 mph zone) facing the back of a semi that had stopped to make a left turn. Anyway. Please throw a good word her way. She needs collective, good, thoughts and prayers. It just breaks my heart.

Berry Fun Saturday

We went berry picking again this morning. Raspberries. YUM.

Book I'm Currently Reading

I'm currently exploring / learning a little bit about myself in an effort to become better focused on my creative "career". I just bought the e-book above because it focuses on doing just that in a super fun, colorful way. I just started and truly enjoy it already. The exercises are excellent and they are structured in a way that helps me do them quickly, since one of my issues is finding TIME to improve as well as create (especially since I work 40+ hours a week). Anyway, I thought I would share it with you, because well, if you're like me - a creative person, at some point you might even consider (if you haven't already) trying to find ways to get out from under the day job and focus a little on work that really explores your creative talent. And this book just might help you do it. Click here to visit When I Grow Up Coach.

Dreaming Day

I love summer, don't you? Warm summer days make for dreamy fun. I remember when I was young spending alot of time during the summer months loafing in the woods amongst the wildflowers thinking about my future. Funny how I still do it. Really. When I jog in White Clay Creek here in Delaware and Pennsylvania, I still dream about my future. Anyway, here is a card celebrating summer...since for alot of the school's soon to pass. I used a new release from the Ippity Line....Make Your Mark ( Here ). Enjoy your weekend. I finally finished canning a bushel of peaches, so I WILL enjoy the weekend. Cheers.

Earthy Peace Out Necklace

I have been dabbling with some jewelry creations lately and love the beaded creations I finished recently. I have noticed that I naturally lean towards earthy colors like greens, browns, yellow ochre, and bone. Not only with jewelry, but I also see the same combinations in the colors I choose for furnishings and painting, my clothes, and even the paper arts I create. I especially love the ceramic peace bead that I purchased from BeadFreaky ( HERE ). I love ceramic beads and her selection is earthy and mother goddess and celestial. Just great. Anyway, the picture is a collection of beaded necklaces and beads and brass chain I created over the coarse of a weekend. Being inspired, I kept all my stuff out in hopes of having time to create several more.