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Fall Apart

For You My Friend

Dang is it ever hot, right?
Well, I spend some time crafting indoors close to the air conditioner vents.
And this little box is what I came up with.  Along with the gift inside!

Decorated and the final touch...that wonderful Pinque Peacock Stick Pin.

It matched PERFECTLY.
Anyway, hope you like it.
My friend did (and she didn't assault the box when I gave it to her!)
Have a super Saturday.
Drink lots of water....cuz if you spend anytime outdoors, it just evaporates right out of you!

Pinque Peacock Blog Hop

Today I am participating in another fun hop with Pinque Peacock! I sure do hope you are here to join in the fun!  If not, click on Pinque Peacock above to start and the beginning!
I made this fun gift box that features an easel card on top!  Isn't that cool!
I created a little box to put it in to make it a gift.

Then you wrap it and give it to someone who will be VERY excited.

If it weren't for Pinque Peacock, this gift would not have been as delightful, don't you think?, now it's time for you to make you way onto our next wonderful designer...

RHONDA (now off you go!)


There's Only One You

Stylish Gift Bag

Today I have the above project featured over on the Pinque Peacock blog.   (go visit!) I love how it turned out.  It is a relatively simple design, but is sturdy and large enough to hold a nice size gift.  I put handmade soaps in it and I don't think it will have any trouble holding up under the weight!

Anyway, hope you like it!  Let me know if you'd like a tutorial and I'll get my busy little hands to work!

In the meantime, enjoy your holiday.  We are supposed to have some pretty heavy storms, but today, so far, it is nice enough (SUPER hot and humid, but very few clouds).

Flower Mixed Media Canvas

I've been slowly adding layers, paint, ink, stamping, and fabric to this canvas over the last month or so.  Decided to declare it complete!

Lemon Tea Cakes

I made these Lemon Tea Cakes over Memorial Day weekend.  For something that looks simple, let me just say that frosting 72 Tea Cakes in different color glaze takes quite a while!

You'll want to find a way to get rid of them fast, because they are truly delicious…and bite size…and you know what that means, right? (smiles) Yes, I ate too many before sending them with Dave on Tuesday to his office.

If you'd like to make these yourself, the recipe follows!  Let me know how it goes.

I recommend a stand mixer as this makes the process ever so enjoyable. (Meaning you can drink wine and watch a flick on your tablet while loosely overseeing the process)  But don't go out and buy one.  Just say'in.

Lemon Tea Cakes Keep in mind that the finished cakes are about 1.5 cubic inch, so they are quite small.  Look for a nonstick pan that has around 30 cake wells.
1 1/3 cups sifted cake flour 3/4 tsp baking powder 1 stick butter, room temperature (if you use unsalted butter, add a pinch o…

Folded Thanks

I have another tutorial posted over on the Pinque Peacock blog today to make these cards!  Go check it out.

Stay Tuned….

Just wanted to let you know, I haven't disappeared completely.  Come back tomorrow, because I'll be taking some of these supplies and turning them into something pretty!


Happy Hello!
Today I'm participating in a Blog Hop for Pinque Peacock!

Hope you are here visiting to join in the fun.  
If you haven't seen all the projects before mine, start at the beginning...
Here's my project.  I used a Small Layered Garden Beauty on the front of this card.  I thought it would coordinate well with the flower on Bulah's hat!

I love making cards that put a smile and laugh on your face!

Here's the inside...

Isn't that fun!  One of my favorite stamps is the sentiment I used on this card.  Now, to get this in the mail!
Okay, so Rhonda is up next.  Her stuff is always wonderful. Have a GREAT DAY!
Now, go visit ...

Retirement Gifts and Gardening

It's Another Beautiful Saturday!  Hope you are enjoying your weekend. 

A colleague of mine that I've worked with for the last 10 years decided to retire.   He's going to enjoy this next chapter of his life in his garden.  I thought that it would be appropriate to create a little basket.
What fun it was creating so many little gifts.
Here's the table where everything was setup:
The box on the right is a money box I created to put all the "seed money" we collected for him.
Here's a close up:
Anyway, it was good to take a little time and whip up something wonderful.
Enjoy the rest of your wonderful day!

Spring and Savory!

Thank goodness for longer and warmer days!


I have a tutorial over on the Pinque Peacock Blog today.
Go Check It Out!

You Look Beautiful Today

Well, don't you?
Here's another page I was playing around with using a tutorial and creating in Illustrator.

Again, if you click on it, you can then get the full-size version and download it for yourself.


Make Today Wonderful

Having a little fun with Adobe Illustrator.  If you click on this, you should be able to get it at full size and dense enough to print (If you want a copy).


Black and White

I made this card for a swap.  For some reason, B/W cards are VERY difficult for me, but I do like how this turned out.

And the inside has a fun little stamp in it, new from StampinUp!  Isn't it cute?

Whimsey Trees

Mixed Up Media Chix Birthday Blog Hop!

Today I'm participating in the Mixed Up Media Chix Birthday Blog Hop!
If you want to participate, start over on Ria's Blog
I love participating in these, because it always challenges me to go back to the canvas.
Unfortunately, my canvas isn't completely done, but hey, I was totally having so much fun.  And I want to show it to you anyway!
I like what I've done so far on this…what do you think?

All the folks participating have some really fun projects to share, don't you think?
I'm LAST….wasn't it fun?  Yay…so as long as you commented on everyone's post, you just might WIN a little prize!

Oh, and last, I wanted to show you where some of my "mixed media" stuff is sitting…

Have a great 2nd day of Spring.  Cheers!



All this WINTER around me needed some spirits with a little humor.
Hope it makes you smile as well! Chose some PINQUE PEACOCK elements that caught my eye. The greens are so yummy (especially the swirl - such a yummy sour apple green)! Makes me long for Spring even more.
And speaking of that…don't forget to set your clocks back tonight!

Celebrating Friendship

Today I'm participating in a really fun hop!  We're celebrating my friend, Julie's, 2nd anniversary blogging.  We all met through our mutual love for crafting.  It's been such a great two years admiring each other's work, sharing ideas, and supporting each other in our artsy endeavors.
If you want to see the entire hop, start at Julie's blog

This is the project I created for the hop!

There are LOTS of prizes that have been donated by some wonderful companies!  (see Julie's blog for all the details). Just leave a comment on each blog for a chance to win one of MANY prizes. 
I'm ready for a great weekend.   I'm counting down the days until Spring. AND taking Monday and Tuesday OFF just because!
Leave me a comment telling me what you appreciate most about your friends.  Me, I love that I can reach out and get support when I need it.  Just recently, it really came in handy!
Now, Click on the button below to go visit  BRENDAand see her lovely creatio…

Colorful IPAD Cover

Thought I would jump in on the Mixed Media Chick Valentine's Day Hop!
This is my creation….an IPAD cover.

Added to the Unity Friends with Flair blog hop as well since a couple unity stamps adorn the cover!
Not quite finished yet, so I'll have to show you it in operation when it is actually finished.
Very colorful.  Exactly what I want in my otherwise colorless office environment.
(except for the people.  THEY are colorful)

SO, hop around and enjoy everyone's beautiful creations.

1 Maria Levine -
2 Francine Rossoni -
3 Lisa Hetrick -
4 Angeline Choo -
5 Mona Pendelton -
6 Laurie Finch -
7 Rebecca - <----you are="" here="" span=""> 8 Julie Odil -
9 Tameko …


Made a quick project tonight. (see more HERE)
And I have "what to say" block.  Except That every year this time I can't wait to say I love you to a few people.

John Graduated

My step-son (who I refer to affectionately as "son" as he has lived with me since he was 10) had his college graduation today.  So proud.

I could see it in his sister's and dad's face.  Totally love this crew.

With his sister.  She was so happy to see her "little brother" finish such a great accomplish…

I watched him bloom from an uncomfortable boy into a confident man.  There you go.  I honestly don't know what else to say without getting all weepy!  I guess I can't wait to see what else amazing things he does. Right?!