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Matchbook Scrapbook

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I worked on a little brag book this weekend. It's created in a matchbook style using the Ippity "My True Joy" stamp set.

It doesn't include any inserted photos, because this is being submitted as a sample illustrating some of paper art pieces I'll have available to sale at a local artist studio tour taking place this fall.

Silly video....but I have been playing around with video software and like this particular website for creating videos.



Toying around with layers and images to create a digital postcard.

My friend will shoot me when she sees this!

IppityChick on YouTube

I am a person very shy of getting in front of a video camera, so I am always very impressed by those that do. It's weird, tho, because I'm NOT that shy of being on stage or doing public speaking.

I think it's because I don't like to hear my squeaky high voice on reply....I have the same disgust when I hear my voicemail message.

Anyway, I just need to say thanks to Kate, who featured my little shop on one of her YouTube videos.

You should watch it and take a look at her other videos. She's quite the talented scrapper!

Daily Grind - Cleaning the Dirt

What sort of value can you put on the day after day task of cleaning up after a bunch of thankless folks?

The cleaning staff of our building are generally overlooked. Until recently, I believe they passed in and out of the bathrooms and kitchen areas without much notice.

However, there is this one young woman who is very friendly. Always says hello, etc. She is friendly, polite, and doesn't let herself vanish into our rather politely silent atmosphere.

And it's relentless. She's got the "dirtiest" job I know. And I doubt many notice or say thanks.

I don't know if you have ever worked in a job like this (I did with my mom when I was in high school and college). It sucks.

So, I decided to make her this little token of appreciation ... in celebration of the dirt she removes FOR ME so that I have a clean working environment.

And I hope that she enjoys herself with a friend at the Cheesecake Factory. Because everyone deserves a little indulgence.

This card was sup…


I swear, watching birds fledge their young helps seal the universal understanding of parents. Today, I had the fun of watching the 5 little chickadees leave the nest. It was a most exhausting chore for the parents. They had to coax, feed, and keep abreast of the safety of their nest.

As a parent, can you relate?

I just loved watching. I kept thinking they were saying, "Okay, you're next. Have fun. Life's an adventure. Love you...visit often!"

And that was one little guy that was highly anxious to leave, but annoyed at my Oliver, who was yet again, his vocal, energetic self.