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Precious Sweet Clyde

Clyde-E-Us Minimus 1994 - 2011 We lost Clyde this morning at 4:30 am.  He died peacefully at home. On Tuesday, he really wasn't doing so well, but I had to go into work and was so worried that he would die alone.  I felt so sick at heart.  He stuck around.  I think to say his goodbye's.  He waited until I came home and stuck with me that evening.  That was our time.  Normally he fiddled around, underfoot, begging for scraps while I cooked.  This night, he couldn't because he was too weak, so he laid next to me while I crafted. And then at about 4:15 AM this morning, just a little before Dave normally got up with him to start the morning routine, Clyde started shifting around.  Dave went downstairs with him.  I think Clyde was waiting to say goodbye to Dave, because that was their special time. And that is when he was ready to let go. This is a picture of him at Christmas in 2007 when he was about 13 years old.  What a pensive look.  Goodness only knows what

On the Mend

This card is for my friend who is on the mend (the one who survived the motorcycle accident).  She has amazed everyone with her recovery, even the hospital staff.  What she has yet to overcome is just the time involved in patching herself back together. I thought this would be a good card for her and hope it puts a smile on her face.  She probably feels alot like this mummy right now, because I bet there aren't many areas on her not covered with bandages and casts. The sentiment I used is from a StampinUp! set from the 2011-2012 catalog.  (I just got these yesterday).  It has 4 stamps, all with this swirly, vintage feel [Thank You, Happy Birthday, Celebrate Today, and Get Well].


Sioux Falls

Another photo from vacation.  It was a really warm, dry afternoon in Sioux Falls. Doesn't the water look incredibly inviting? Oliver thought so.  He immediately walked up to and sat into the water, but I didn't get a shot, because I was too worried about him getting away from me in the current....or falling off one of the rocks. Not really sure what was happening in this photo.  Caught by surprise, I think Caitlin was standing up after stooping to take a picture. The angle of her in that position, plus the wide angle of my lens, made her head look oversized in comparison to her feet! I also thought of a Crane, but I am not sure she'd like correlation too much...even if they are PINK.

Daisy Field

This daisy (among others) was in the field near our campsite in Montana.

Flown the Coupe

Summer that is. I know, officially summer doesn't end until a little later this month, but for me, Labor Day is the official transition into Fall. It was a good one.

Crystal Clear Blue

There were several amazing sites in Yellowstone.  The Middle Geysers on the west side were among the most colorful.  The foggy topped deep crystal clear pools were hypnotizing.

Hunting Grizzley

Hiking near Thompson Falls, MT.  When we entered the area, there was a big sign that said, "Beware.  Active Grizzley Bear area." Do we look prepared?

She and Me

It was nice seeing my daughter over the 4th holiday. Here we were returning to the car after we tried our first hike. We attempted two hikes, but were faced with forging very rapid swelled water on both of them after only about half a mile in. While Candace and I were up to the challenge (and even did it across one), neither Dave nor Oliver were interested. One thing to note....there was a posted sign (that I missed taking a picture of) that warned us of active GRIZZLY bear. Yikes. I'm more than used to Black bear having grown up near the Appalachians in Tennessee, but they eat nuts and berries...not nuts of the human kind like sir grizzles. So, while we were disappointed for the short hikes, we were glad to not have to worry about hungry critters.
While I was setting up my camera for the family shot, they were catching up.  Notice - they have the same nose! Here's another of Caitlin and John, walking around Devil's Tower.  Too Cool, or so they think!  I think that John is glad that now, for almost the first time, he is taller than everyone but Candace and Dave...Okay, what that really means is that he's taller than Caitlin and me. And again, notice the nose!
Another vacation photo, July 2011.


My sweet Oliver with his two favorite toys...

Oliver's Accident

Oliver took a head dive into the patio tonight. After jogging with us in the woods, having a blast chasing deer, then running and fetching his favorite ball all night, he ended the evening without a smile on his face. Poor thing. Visiting the yard before bed, coming around the corner of house from the driveway, running full speed with the biggest happiest grin on his face, it all ended when he jumped full speed toward the patio....and missed. Instead of landing ON the patio, his face and nose were the first to hit the side of the pavers. I have honestly never hurt a pop so loud. It was dark and quiet outside, but that pop rang in MY ears. It was liking watching the Road Runner, when the Coyote smacked the cast iron griddle that the Road Runner had instantly placed in front of him during a chase....Remember those scenes, stars and crunched up nose? Well, that's what Oliver looked like when he realized he hurt himself. All crunched up in pain. He even growled a little befor