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Sweet Treats

Happy Friday means sweet fun touring all the friends with flair samples!  This one is mine.  It's a quick little treat holder.  I used "Cupcake on the Doorstep" itty bitty.  Love this new artist.  Her stamps are adorable.
I thought it would be great for holding all sorts of small items from crayons to chocolate.  I'm filling these with crayons for some sick kids.  I'm also making a little coloring book to go with them.  I'll also show you that in a bit.  So check back!
Here's a peak at the inside:

Have a great weekend.  My dogs have been diggin' the weather.  We've walked in the woods every morning this week.  So, for me, being with my doggies outside makes for an incredible week.  Hopefully, it'll be as great over the weekend...and will include my husband so that should make it even better!  

Oh Happy Day

Inspired by the warmth and beauty of today!  Used "happy day" itty bitty.  Only one more day 'til the weekend!!!

New Ending

This card is my sloppy mess for the day.  But it has meaning because I never thought anyone could erase the mistakes of the past (for which I have many).  Universal to all (and especially me) is that I can always start with a commitment for change and the start of a different ending.

Courage + Strength (and a lot of love and encouragement) = Victory

Phoebe just spent the last few months undergoing treatments for cervical cancer.  I can't imagine how happy she was to receive such positive news from her doctors.

It was heartbreaking and painful after only a couple visits with Joanne watching her suffer with cancer for as long as she did.

So, needless to say, I'm happy for Phoebe.  However,  I am sure she is just...ECSTATIC!


Just a quick post for Friends with Flair!  I love this itty bitty stamp from Unity and I finally got a chance to use it.  It's one of the stamps that are part of the "Stamp of the Week Club". Quick card and easy design.

Isn't this next photo so sweet?  Oliver and Layla have become great pals!  I'm so glad that Oliver welcomed her into our house with such a great sense of fun! They have so much fun together...and after all the adventure, they rest!

Fanciful Bag

Created this bag over the last few evenings. If you liked to make one yourself, I've created an instruction that you can download HERE.


Whispered to my Heart

Just a quickie here to show you a couple of the things I did in preparation for Valentine's Day!

My Kitchen to Yours....Fashionably Dressed

In my normal habit of always being more than a little late (way past fashionably), I'm finally getting around to putting several gifts in the mail.

So, while I'm NOT fashionable...This pretty gift is.  This is one hot salsa decorated with a stamp from the most recent {ippity} release, "My Kitchen to Yours".  On its way across the country!

Welcome Baby

Just a quick card using some NEW stamps!

I would have loved to have had this stamp 26 years ago!  Although, I am pretty sure EPT didn't quite look like this.  This would have been a humorous way to let friends and family know of an upcoming blessing!

I can also see adding this to a scrapbook along with the ultrasound pictures!  So cute.  Just click on the title below and it will take you to the Unity Stamp Company site where you can find this stamp. (You'll have to select an ippity chick prior to reaching the stamp)

It's also using the Nuts and Bolts itty bitty set recently released.

Preggo Good Luck

School Photos

More layouts of my mom's scrapbook.  These are her school pictures.

I think I'll Stay

This is Layla here reporting for Mum since she's busy making something that smells delish but won't share.  She keeps telling me that it's chocolate and it's bad for me.  Whatever.

I had a bit of a rough start, traveling in the car from Jersey made me feel sort of nauseated. I'm getting used to it here...I like Oliver okay, but he doesn't like to share.  We actually played for a little while today before he got all in my face.

It was scary the first time, butI am starting to like taking walks down our street. It's a little chilly for me.  Mum got me a little pink coat, but I don't really like it too much.  It IS warmer, but still, PINK?  Doesn't she read Cosmopolitan?  That color was out last decade.
I definitely like to give kisses and sit next to Mum while she works at the computer! She also gave me a delish treat when I peed and pooped outside. She was so estactic that it scared me. She needs to take it down a notch if you ask me. After all, it was…


More inspiration from the {ippity} release!  What a fun, quick project this was.  I wrapped a Cadbury Fruit and Nut bar with designer paper, adhered with glue, and then crimped the ends down to meet the bar.  Easy peasy...and this is such a fun way to decorate treats for a party, that they all match.

This is also in celebration of my friend, Ginny's birthday.  I'm not sure her age, but SHE'S OLDER THAN ME and that's all that matters!

This SWEET peak is another Ippity Itty Bitty that will be available on Thursday evening 7 PM!
Oliver did so well in agility.  I don't have any pictures but he was the only little obedient dog.  He was really the only little dog there.  He is so stinking cute when he's sitting there waiting.

Especially when I have Puperoni and boiled chicken in my hand as rewards.  He knows exactly what's going on when I hold that stuff.

Here's his look up at me when I was holding a new weepy little Layla in my lap!  So sweet.  He …

{ippity} Release Day and Blog Hop

Yay!  New Stamps.  Always fun, eh?  Hope you are hopping around to all the wonderful chicks!  If not, you should!  Make sure to visit us all.  Lots of great projects and inspiration.

And the best part....ideas for all that new rubber you are going to want!   You can start on the {ippity} blog. Click on the button above to start at the beginning!

Here's my project:

Lots of repeats
Put an "O" in there

This SWEET peak is another Ippity Itty Bitty that will be available on Thursday evening 7 PM!

But, really, here's my TRUE take on L.O.V.E -  this week especially:

Because I'm picking her up tonight!  Look at him...he's keeps checking the front door in anticipation of her arrival!

Next up on the hop is Patricia: HERE. Thanks for hopping by!

Fabulous Girl

Just a little sneak peak of an upcoming ippity release!  What a fun little project this was. I love paper piecing and rose making  and who doesn't like the simplicity of die cuts!

This FABULOUS peak is an Ippity Itty Bitty that will be available on Thursday evening 7 PM!
Fabulous Girl

All creativity in preparation for a blog hop and release party starting at 7 PM CENTRAL time.  Lots of beautiful designs and fun to be had.  Put this on your calendar.  You don't miss out.

And here's a little badge to you remind you!

Enjoy what's left of your Monday!  Tomorrow Oliver is off to start his agility training.  He's pretty excited.  Can't you tell?  This was his expression when I told him what we were doing.

Tonight we practiced his stay command.  I'm sure it'll come in handy tomorrow.  (So will the chicken I boiled tonight to entice him to do things he might otherwise defer).

Be Mine

Had a little fun during the Superbowl making the card above.  I started the base last night, adding the little strips.  After I returned from a little trip into NJ this afternoon, I made the heard and background "Be Mine Love".

Where'd I go in Jersey, you ask?  To see the little girl below.  Isn't she precious (no, not the silly faced lady, but the little pooch)?

This is Layla, a 4.5 month old papillon that I will be bringing home on Thursday!  Very excited.  She's a little bouncy, happy girl.  Lots of energy, which is good...she's going to need it for all the agility she'll be getting into.
I didn't introduce her to Oliver yet.  We'll have to see how that goes on Thursay...Yikes.  More to come!

Best Friends

Just a little ippity inspiration for you today!  I have several friends with birthdays this month and this sentiment and simple rose seemed right.  It's from the set, GIGGLES X 3.  And I just noticed that it's on sale for less than   half price, so if you don't have it, snatch it up!  The swirl is from the Paris, Provential Collection.  Gotta love swirls.
The bag was really easy to make.  A great video tutorial is found  HERE.   She does absolutely wonderful video tutorials.
So there you have it.  Little gifts.  All wrapped up pretty.
I have a super busy weekend planned.  And the weather is supposed to be wonderful here.  Very concerning.  We should be in the 20's...and instead it's in the 50's.  Come summer, we just might have to go underground!  I am pretty sure that Oliver would hate that.  He is just diggin the sun today.  This is a really badly done photo of him, but I had to catch it while he was basking on the coach before he awoke!

We may have a little…