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Black White Silver...and Thumping Throbbing Red Passion

Not intended as a Valentine's Day card, but it certainly is appropriate this time of year, eh?

I created this card for a swap. The constraints were Black, White, and Silver...but I just couldn't resist a passionate Red thrown into the mix.

I guess it's a combination of Winter, approaching Valentine's Day, and a husband that is working so much right now and is so rightfully grouchy about it...he just needs a little bit of love.

Card Candy

I found some great blog candy that is being offered by various bloggers around the planet. If you aren't familiar with blog candy, bloggers offer chances to win. All you have to do is usually add a comment to their blog!

If you look in my left panel and click on the pictues, you'll be taken to their blog where you can read their instructions for your chances to win.

Go comment on their blogs. Who doesn't want free stuff, right? You might be the lucky winner of some really cool supplies!

Stinkin Cute

So after returning home from a weekend with my Rah Rahs (FUN FUN)...AND....instead of working on a set of instructions that I REALLY need to finish, I created some Valentines for a kid's card swap. What I came up with is posted above.

I pulled out a set of silly pun stamps ("Pun Fun" from Stampin Up!) and added some cut outs using both the Big Shot as well as the Cricut. The background is stamped using Stampin Up!'s Love You Much stamp set. On the inside (no picture) I added a big bold Happy Valentine's Day message.

Jessica - These are the cards you'll be getting for your swap! Hope you aren't disappointed...But, I'll have to throw in one of the cards below in the next swap I send you so you have ONE! :-)

Cards for Kids

Remember way back (about a month ago, it seems) I said I was going to create some valentines for the organization, Cards for Kids? The above is the ONE example that I have finished thus far. It looks like it won't be until later this weekend (probably Sunday) before I'll be able to finish them. I have colored all the images, I just need to design and cut the cards. Most of the images are the small squares, but they are not exactly the image in the example.

I am so picky about coloring. I think that is one of the reason it takes me so long. I colored with watercolor crayons and added additional details with ink. I like it. But it's amazing how much time goes into 1 square inch!

To learn more about the Cards for Kids organization, visit Pat's blog: Cards for Kids

Where Did My Weekend Go?

It's been almost a week since I posted here. My goodness, how time flies. I've been pretty busy visiting with my daughter, who buzzed through town.

On Thursday night she came into town. She's storming through the east coast visiting her friends and family for three weeks before heading back to the west coast. I picked her up from the train station last Thursday evening. Here's a picture of us not too long after she got home (it was about 10:30 pm, I think):

In case you cannot tell, Candace is the one on the left. :-)

I took Friday off and we chilled out, not doing much. We had lunch with my former project team, ran a couple quick errands (which turned into two hours of running around!) and then headed home where we made jewelry and took it easy.

On Saturday, we headed up to NYC to visit some of her friends in Brooklyn. I stayed overnight at her friend, Becky's house until Sunday, so that we could see a show. It was REALLY COLD in NYC on Saturday. On Saturday afternoon …

Rick in Recovery

So, I heard word from Cindy, Rick's wife. He did very well in surgery. They didn't have to replace his valve, only repair. The surgeon was very pleased with the outcome.

He's still out, but everything looks good so far.

Thanks for the well wishes...keep sending those, because there are still things like infection that are worrisome.


One of my best buds, Rick, is undergoing open-heart surgery as I type. He has a bad valve that needs repair (or replacement). He's had this condition for a very long time (since college, I think).

Anyway, I'm thinking about him right now. He's one of the most wonderful people I know. He has a personality and laugh that is contagious.

So, if you would, please send a good thought for him today. And if you prayer, please add him to your list.
This is my photo for today. Because I'd like to be that girl on the bike. Instead, I'm cold and heading out the door for work, where I'm already running late!

Winter Spa

Remember some time ago, I mentioned that I was a Chemo-Angel? Well, today (this morning before I left for work), I finally took the opportunity to put together a little spa kit for my patient.

I figured now that the holidays were over, she might really be interested in decompressing and taking at least one long, warm bath. Hopefully, she's up to it.

Here is a picture of the kit I put together.

I gave her baths salts (unscented), some essential oils in small vials (so she can scent her salts and use the rest to scent her space), a tiny candle holder and a few tealight candles that smelled pretty nice, a handmade bar of soap and a mit to go with it...and the eye mask that you heat up in a pan of hot water (or conversely cool down in a bowl of ice).

OHHHHH....And last week (I forgot to mention this), I finally used a gift certificate I got from my friend, Heather, to have a massage. I had a Shiatsu Acupressure message, and it was AMAZING. I almost fell asleep. It was reall…

Bling Bling

Today, I got together with a friend of mine and we made some heart pendants using crystals. They turned out lovely. It was so much fun. I've wanted to take some time to make a few jewelry treasures and FINALLY today, I set aside the time. Isn't it pretty?

And she made me the most lovely cuff bracelet! She's amazingly generous and talented. That's Debbie!

I Changed My Picture

There's just so much I could take of seeing me looking all sassy. It was even getting on my OWN nerves. So, I changed my photo. The new one was taken of me at our transition party in November.

I'm starting to "feel" the return to work. Moving back to getting up SUPER early for work again is making feel tired by 8 pm. Ugh. I was liking my vacation.

I just "had" to get a swap in the mail this morning. I'm in so many, I'm starting to feel a bit overwhelmed. I'm thinking I better chill out a little after I finish these up. One thing nice about the MAKES me create...and forces me to think in terms of a particular theme. Which is good. I tried a few of the challenges, but that doesn't work for me, because if someone is not expecting to receive the finished product, I may not do it at all. I'll think about it, but not get it done. So, swaps are good to make me DO and COMPLETE something.

I want to get back to my jewelry cre…

Lazy Weekend

So, here's a picture of the boys at 9:45 PM last night. Pretty funny, eh.

We're an exciting lot around here, aren't we?

Game Night

My friend Kathy plays cards EVERY Friday night at a local spot. It's funny, because it's legal to gamble in Delaware, but only at established businesses. And this one isn't "established".

When she describes it to me, it reminds me of those old movie scenes when a little port opens and you announce yourself before they let you in. All you hear is a deep voice and maybe you see a nose.

I'm not a gambler. I grew up in Tennessee and it wasn't legal there, so I never really got into it....and now, I never even remember to grab a lotto ticket when the numbers are big.

ANYWAY, I digress. I created a card here on my last Friday vacation night....maybe I'll win a couple more days!

I Lost Matt

Today, 3 of my Christmas cards returned. One is an important person in my life. I was afraid I lost track of him.

I dated Matt in college and we've remained friends since. We used to talk once a year at Christmas time. Last year and this year I hadn't heard from him. And a few years ago when I talked with him, he told me that he had the form of skin cancer that is extremely dangerous (not the topical one).

So, I immediately became very worried. I called his disconnected.

I called his office. And Phew! He's away traveling, but there was a message that he would return on Monday.

Okay, he's alright. Just needed to know.

Maybe he found a woman he loved enough to marry. And moved into a grand house and now has a little pumpkin or two. I hope so. He's a good egg.

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