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Where Did My Weekend Go?

It's been almost a week since I posted here. My goodness, how time flies. I've been pretty busy visiting with my daughter, who buzzed through town.

On Thursday night she came into town. She's storming through the east coast visiting her friends and family for three weeks before heading back to the west coast. I picked her up from the train station last Thursday evening. Here's a picture of us not too long after she got home (it was about 10:30 pm, I think):

In case you cannot tell, Candace is the one on the left. :-)

I took Friday off and we chilled out, not doing much. We had lunch with my former project team, ran a couple quick errands (which turned into two hours of running around!) and then headed home where we made jewelry and took it easy.

On Saturday, we headed up to NYC to visit some of her friends in Brooklyn. I stayed overnight at her friend, Becky's house until Sunday, so that we could see a show. It was REALLY COLD in NYC on Saturday. On Saturday afternoon (late afternoon), we went to the Brooklyn Art Museum to see a couple interesting exhibits. Then we headed over to the Red Bamboo for some upscale vegetarian cuisine. The food was excellent. I had a "Chicken" sandwich and honestly could not tell that it wasn't chicken. The texture even resembled chicken. After that, we headed over to the diner where Becky works for a Hot Toddy and to say hello, before making our way back to her house. The diner where she works is a reproduction diner. The only difference is that there was low lighting inside, which made for some cool atmosphere when the colorful lights bounced off the metal walls!

The party animal that I am was asleep on the couch before Becky came home from work!

On Sunday morning, we awoke to a new blanket of snow. It had gently snowed overnight - just enough to be pretty. One awesome site...I saw a green parrot feeding in Becky's feeders on her porch! At first, I thought that maybe someones pet had escaped. She informed me that they have an established colony in NYC due to a theft attempt gone awry when they were accidentally freed from the shipment containers. I believe the thieves were hoping for something else. Isn't it interesting that the tropical birds have adjusted so well to the climate. The bird was absolutely beautiful. All the little birds fluttering around her porch feeding made me want a few feeders of my own. Maybe I should add that to my project list!

We cleaned ourselves up a little bit (so that we could marginally compete with my sister's fabulous sense of style)and left to meet up with my sister for Brunch at this tiny little restaurant in the West Village - "Westville" (original name, eh?). Again, another awesome meal. Then we strolled over to the Hudson to see the icy water and take a look at the airplane that crash landed on the Hudson last week. Amazingly, in that landing, NO ONE was injured. The pilot was the news last week and every one's hero (for a day anyhow). It was strange seeing a giant plane on a broad New York City park sidewalk!

After that, we walked back towards Christopher street to catch Kathleen Turner starring in a off-Broadway comedy, "The Third Story". It was very funny...especially the character, Zygote. Although it only has a short venue in town, it's definitely worth seeing.

After that, we made our way back to Becky's. Snow was very lightly falling as I packed and left town, heading back home to my hubby and cats!

And now, back at work, I'm getting ready to go see our new president be sworn into office.

Candace is headed to Syracuse to visit her college buds and then she'll be back to visit us again for a short visit next week before heading back to the west coast.

In the meantime, I have several art projects that I definitely need to finish. I have over extended myself, I think, because I don't know where I'm going to fit all that I need to do.

I have those valentines for the kids to finish and mail - (and last night, I got all of ONE done. My production efficiency is going to have to improve!) On Thursday night, I'm making earrings in a workshop... On Friday night, I have a Shoebox swap for our local demonstrator upcoming workshop in February. We always meet a few weeks before the actual workshop to go over the card instructions and build copies of all the projects we'll be doing. So, I have lots of cutting and instruction writing to do for mine...ALSO on Friday night (after I finish up at the swap), I'm headed down to see my Rah-Rah's to sleep over at Robin's. On Saturday, the entire group will be there (YAY) to make invitations for Jeff and Fawn's reception and party after they get married in St. Lucia. It's been since March of last year since we were all together. Jean's daughter, Fawn, is marrying Ginny's son, Jeff. So, they will not only be RAH's, they will become family! So, we are trying to come up with a beach theme for the invitations and party favors for about 100 folks.

And I suppose in all that art, I have to work to0. Which means I should finish this up and get back to that!

Cheers. AND we now have a new President.


Lindsey said…
Are you so exhausted?! You went non stop! I am sure now that you are back to work it's nice to "rest". haha.

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