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Bicycle Ride

This is my photo for today. Because I'd like to be that girl on the bike. Instead, I'm cold and heading out the door for work, where I'm already running late!


Lindsey said…
1. LOVE your new layout.
2. I am actaully riding my bike today:) Not just on a bike ride, but as my main source of transportation. Isn't that wild? Right now it's 45deg. out. A little chilly but I am doing a lot of errands around my little town and want to get on my bike (I haven't ridden in a while).
3. Did you Photoshop that picture?
BloomingPink said…
Thanks. I thought an update was in order.

Nope. Not photoshopped. I have a old camera that I modified so that I could do TTV (through the viewfinder) photos.

The only mods I did on the picture were that I cropped all the black area out (There's alot of black space surrounding the square in TTV shots).

The dirt and stuff is there already.

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