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Julie's Blogoversary Blog Hop {Celebrate Friendship}

I'm here joining in Julie's Blogoversary!  I'm sure you are here hopping along and celebrating with her!

If you are, then, YES, you're here.

If you want to start at the beginning, start at Julie's blog!

There isn't much more fun than spending a Friday, chatting and visiting with friends, right!  
And we're celebrating all weekend long to give you plenty of time to visit all of us and share your stories of friendship and craft!

Stamping and scrapbooking has a way of bringing friends together, doesn't it?  It does for me.  In fact, my best friends (and some of my oldest friends) were brought together because of this art form.  

Blog Candy

I'm one of the folks offering blog candy in celebration of the hop!  So, leave me a comment telling me one of your stories of friendship and crafting and you'll be eligible for some crafty goodness!
(That I don't have a picture of...because it's a secret....and, well, I haven't put it together yet either!)

I'll announce it on Monday.  And then you'll get to see!

I hope you'll take the time to join in celebration with Julie and the rest of us to celebrate her first year of blogging. I, for one, have had so much fun visiting her blog, looking at her wonderful creations, and getting to know her.  Julie's cards are not only beautiful, but are always so heartfelt.  One of the qualities I admire so much about her is her thoughtfulness and bright spirit.  It really shines through in how devoted she is to visit, comment, and keep up with all her bloggy friends!

I hope she blogs for a long long time!


Have a great crafty Friday!
And have a cupcake!


Angeline Choo said…
That's such a cute card Rebecca! :) Love it!
Kellie 0:) said…
What a wonderful card.
One of my best friends Jo and I met through scrapbooking when I lived in the US. Now six years later we scrap together on Skype and challenge each other in creative ways. Although I'm now in Australia not even the distance can fade our bond.
What a bright and uplifting card Rebecca.
I have a shop/studio with just the best group of crfty customers who are also now friends. I love planning and teaching because I always get such positivity from them.
Kary said…
Hi Rebecca! Your card is so sweet!! I love your colouring, what a perfect card for a friend. Have a happy weekend!! {hugs}
Ava Gavloski said…
rebecca, you have showcased a sweet stamp image, well done. I like kelli's story about how she scrapbooks with her friend using skype. Never thought of that. I think i am going to try it with one of my scrappy friends Sam.
ava g
Gaylynn said…
Such a nice friendship card. Some of my favorite crafty memories are crops, where we spend the time with a lot of chatting and a little bit of cropping. :
Chris said…
Love your card!
None of my friends really scrapbook much but my kids Grade 1 teacher does!We have become friends through our scrapbooking.She's a wonderful person and a breast cancer survivor.
Cute card!! The colors are perfect for March 1st.
Mary S said…
My mom and I scrapbook when we get together. Usually when she is in town we go to Archivers and take a class. Love the card!
Julie Odil said…
Thanks for hopping with me, dear Friend! You have been such an inspiration to me. I'm amazed with how willing you are to share all your knowledge with others. You're so warm and caring and I treasure that. I love this card!

Most of my creating is done alone, and I think I do my best work that way. A few times a year I go to "crop night" in a neighboring town with a couple friends. I never seem to get much done. Or what I make needs to be re-done (I glue things on backwards, wrap twine around the whole card instead of just the front, etc) because I'm too busy talking, and not concentrating on what I'm doing. But I do enjoy it.

Thanks for hopping with me this weekend, and thanks for your friendship! I look forward to watching it bloom -- in pink, and blue, and many other colors, too!
really cute card! I love those stamps :-) story of friendship: well I've had the same best friend for over 30 (shhhhhh) years! We met at church as kids and have been thru it all together even though we live an hour apart, we're still very close... I love her
Unknown said…
great cards! love your use of Washi tape. :) and, yes - I WILL have a cupcake!! ;)
by belle said…
Love your card! I am so excited to call a lot of these lovely ladies my friends even though we haven't met. I rely on them for so many things!!
pboszko said…
Great card...luv the now a follower!
My bestie is a jewelry maker and it's wonderful how creativity knows no boundries!
Miwa said…
Such a cute card! Love how you used the washitape, too! I'm so thankful for the friendships I've found from scrapbooking - they've been so supportive & encouraging - & made me a better crafter! :)
Ruby said…
Very cute card.
Unknown said…
Amen to that sentiment. Love the colors in this card & reading about FRIENDS!
RachelA said…
Hi, Rebecca! What an adorable card!

I love finding new friendships through crafting. I meet some of the nicest people through scrapbooking crops and reatreats. :-)
mommyx2 said…
Great card -so pretty, love the detail. I have made great friendships at cc who always manage to have great advice and fun things to share! love seeing everyone's work, being enabled and having a place to have fun.
Love the kraft, the way you did the sentiment, and the way the girl pops off the card!
Kari said…
Cute card and such sweet things to say about Julie!
JPScraps said…
Super cute card! I love the set you used. My sisters are really the only other people I craft with. But, I've met so many wonderful people online.
Ruth said…
Love the card and sentiment chosen. As for friendship and crafting, I can credit my growing fondness for papercrafting to my lovely daughter (who, by the way, has become my very best friend!)
Tracy said…
She is adoreable,beautiful card Rebecca!!
Gwen said…
Love love love your card! I think I just got this little lady in a grab bag! Great design!
LauraEva said…
I don't have many 'real physical' friends, but I like to think that I have made some 'good' friends since joining some various online friends. And the majority are crafty--which I adore!
Lucy E. said…
Great card, Rebecca! I am glad to have wandered over to your blog several months ago (probably from Unity). I have learned so much from you just reading your blog and looking at the different media you are using. You have been very helpful when I have questions. Thanks for being an awesome crafty friend ;)
Denise Bryant said…
Cute card!
My stamping pal story... how fun it was to get to meet in person to an online friend. She and I both attended a stamp convention in Carson, CA. She called my hotel room the morning we were to meet at the convention. I had never heard her voice before that and was surprised to hear she had quite a southern drawl. A bit later, at the convention, we still hadn't connected. I heard a lady sitting near to me start talking, and there was that drawl! So we finally got to meet!
Camerageek said…
Cute card. I've made several friend on Crop Chocolate have even met one for a crop at a LSS. It's funny how scrapbooking can bring together people who wouldn't normally be friends isn't it.
Brenda Lapp said…
Beautiful card! I love the colors. As far as crafting with my friends goes - most of my friends don't craft so I mostly craft alone. When I go to gatherings I do not get much done because I socialize too much. :-)
Unknown said…
Love your card Rebecca! I have made so many friends crafting, some of them I have never met, but we have a special connection. I am always looking for people to share my hobby with, recently I helped a friend of mine from work with a scrapbook for her son who is in the Military, after we spent the day together she went home and bought a Silhouette portrait! I am sure we will have many more adventures together.
Am a new follower and so honored to be part of this hop with you. I adore your card! To share my story....let's see. Well, my son recently joined the Army. I spent quite a bit of time feeling down after he first left. His first week at boot was so hard for him and me. My fellow DT members, like Julie, really stepped up and provided a lot of support.
Scrappin' Diva said…
I've "met" lots of beautiful and talented people on Crop Chocolate. It's just too bad we are so scattered away from each other as I would love to meet them all!
Shona said…
I really love how you used the washi tape on your card!
My crafty friends are my same diehard dog people friends. We came together through our dog sports, and discovered that we like crafting too. What could be better than crafting part of the day,then taking a break to take all the dogs for a walk or a swim?
What a fabulous card I love your colouring on Kraft! Susan x
Unknown said…
Thanks for sharing this wonderful card. It encouraged me to add more bling to my cards. I always worry about sending them in the mail that way even with extra postage so usually give out my bulky ones. I love the torn pieces of different papers. Maybe i will try one like that sometime. Thanks for the ideas.
Rox-Ann said…
Great card and thank you so much for sharing I enjoy following your blog!
Rox-Ann said…
Great card and thank you so much for sharing I enjoy following your blog!
Rox-Ann said…
Great card and thank you so much for sharing I enjoy following your blog!
card is lovely,luv colours you have used and sentiment is soo true..
JMCPhillips said…
When I was waiting for my adoption referral (Chinese adoption - the wait is excrutiating!!), my friend and I would get together at leaat once a week and scrap. It was something that made the wait bearable. If you are not familiar with the process, you are required to complete reams and reams of forms, police checks, etc. All of this is submitted to the Chinese government where it is thoroughly reviewed. at the time that we were adopting the total wait was about 18 months to 2 yrs. - I have heard that it is now up to a 10 yr wait!!! While we endured this wait my friend and I scrapped together, and scrapping copies of the paperwork made it feel like it was real for me!!
Corrie said…
What a great card, I got in to scrapbooking because my friend who was staying with us showed me her album and the rest was history
Corrie said…
What a great card, I got in to scrapbooking because my friend who was staying with us showed me her album and the rest was history
Scrapper Myra said…
Love your card. I love scrapbooking with friends. By the way the name of my blog is related to one activity that I host at home from time to time in which we invite friends and husbands also are invited to drink some wine and serve the food We enjoy it a lot and do scrapbooking from morning till midnight
Lindsey said…
What a sweet card! Love the colouring and the washi tape/paper banners. I'm amazed at how many people I've met through crafting and blogging -- many online, and even a couple in person!
Pryn said…
Gorgeous card!!! That border you used is fantabulous!!! I have to track it down ;)
I am blessed to have many stories of friendship. One that I am especially thankful for is the day I posted for my first Friends With Flair. That is how I "met" you and Julie. You each have provided me with amazing inspiration over the months and I thank you!!!
Rebecca, this is so stinkin' cute!!! I'm glad that we "know" each other now! And my story is the same as my beautiful mom's. I reeled her in to this crazy and exciting craft of ours, and she truly is my best friend!! :)
Unknown said…
Cute friendship card. What would we do without our friends, right? I am fortunate to have girlfriends that go all the way back to 2nd grade. And I have been out of school 35 years, so that's a LONG time!
NinaN said…
Super cute card!
NinaN said…
Oh and I forgot my story! Which is, that I made a birthday card for a girlfriend using that same stamp set!
Wonderful card! Love that Unity set.
Laura said…
I love your beautiful card.
My story starts with a passion for scrapbooking and preserving my family memories. Sadly, none of my close friends share my enthusiasm for paper crafts so I usually create in my little space at home. But, I love getting together with people and creating together so I sometimes go to events. The best thing that happened to me and opened up my scrappy world was finding Crop Chocolate and making some wonderful friends who share in my passion.
Brittany Kohl said…
Great card! I love it. Story of friendship, huh? My best friend has become my sister, we met when we were 15, just starting high school and were the first 2 to have babies(our kiddos are 8 months apart), now while we don't paper craft together, we do decorate cakes together. We laugh because I have the Cricut Expression and she has the Cricut Cake. :-)
craftgirl007 said…
Cute the washi! My story is of crafting with my young niece. While I consider myself kind of a newbie to paper crafting, I have managed to collect a massive stash which has prompted the little one to refer me as the 'ultimate' crafter. From her words to my hands...if only!
Michelina said…
Great card! I attend a monthly crop with friends that is a great opportunity to catch up on things. The monthly outing has really been life-saving over the last year as it has often been a pick-me-up after being laid off from my job. I'm still searching and have down days but scrapping, creating cards and laughing with friends has been wonderful! :0)
MomCleo said…
that is such a great card, loved the way that you used the washi tape.

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