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Sandy, The Little Witch

This little witch will most likely be my last Halloween project this year!   Created last night while listening to Hurricane Sandy's wind howl and rain pummel our house.   She was quite the storm. Thus, I've christened my little witch - Sandy!   Not that this little one would cause such havoc...she's way too sweet, don't you agree?  Maybe because I was treating her kind and gentle, she returned the favor?  As we were lucky.  No lost power, no damage... Just a very soggy paddock. I used a new product I've been playing with on this project... Creative Inspirations Paint - Blue Ice . It's a bit hard to see in the photo, but added such a nice shimmer to her dress and the lacy border (and a wee bit in the web on the tag)!  I can see myself going broke once again in the near future getting lots of awesome glimmery colors! The little witch and "boo" is from the Phyllis Harris Unity Stamp kit, "A Tiny Witch" (such a dar

Be Strong

I decided to take a bit of a break on the Halloween treat packages (I was eating way WAY too much chocolate), and instead make a card on the feminine side.  Also, it's Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I hadn't yet made any cards. I wanted my card to focus on strength and hope and courage.  And I found a good stamp set for that. The sentiment is from a Unity / Donna Downey stamp set, " Empowered Words " .  I think all the stamps in this set are very uplifting! The ribbon is from 3GirlJam and is a special holiday edition, " Seasons Bundle " .  I really like the swirls of different colors. At the top corner, I tied a bow and then made a little ribbon rose, backing it with a bit of brown/white twine, and popping a little pearl in the center. Here's a close-up of the ribbon rose at the top:   I'm linking this up with the Paper Issue challenge, " Believe in Yourself " .  I think it fits, don't you? Unti

Getting Ready for Franken-Storm

Well, you'd think with the weather reports the way they are, I would be frantically shopping and getting ready for the hurricane of the decade. But no, I say BRING IT ON Frankenstorm and all.  I'm going to have spooktacular fun crafting instead!   And really, what better way to spend THIS particular day than completing the final touches of your Halloween decorations and treats! So, while I'm usually up to NO GOOD, today I'm having some good old fashioned fun making (and eating) treats so that the little tricksters out there will NOT target me on Halloween. As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, we don't get many kids on Halloween around here, so I usually put together a few unique packages filled with candy to give each little cutie that comes by all decked out in fun costumes. The above is one of those packages.  And I love that it's quick AND pretty AND festive.  Oh, and it fits the 3Girl Jam Challenge .  A Halloween Treat usi

Storms a Brewing

Super quick post this evening.  I've had a bloody-ell-uva week!  Ready for the weekend.  This is another treat I'll be handing out this next week for the little trickers. The stamp is from Unity's October 2012 Kit of the Month.  I have all kinds of plans for that set. And, here it is full! So, I am of course linking this up! Unity Friends with Flair Amusing Challenges - Fall Colors Enjoy what's left of your Friday night!

Pretty Pretty Package

Just thought I would share another project I made using some of the wonderful ribbon available from  3GirlJam ! I really had fun decorating this little package...and it's not even for a birthday!  I have this thing...even if  I make something just feels SO MUCH MORE SPECIAL if it's in a nice package!  Don't you think?  I used several different Crinkle Ribbons and the all NEW  Burlap Trim! Here's a list (and links) to the ribbons if you are curious and want to make one too! Christmas Candy Harvest Orange Coral Crush Burlap Trim If you are visiting from the 3Girl Jam blog , you came here to see what's inside the package, yes? I know you are wondering what's inside. So, here it is: I created this sweater when I was on vacation a few weeks ago visiting my daughter in Seattle.  I was working on the same design, but using a hand dyed brown wool, and she really loved it. I talked her into trying something with more col

Princely Boy

Right about now my husband, his cousin, Layla, this little prince, and I are hiking on the Appalachian Trail for a few days. I'm probably miserable right now. And stinky. But this little guy...he's probably comfy and cozy and having a great time taking in the sights and sounds. Oliver in the picture above is trying out his new princely carriage. I created it last weekend when I realized that I had to figure out some way to get a lazy boy across the miles! You see, he is a little spoiled.   OKAY.  SPECTACULARLY SPOILED. He loves the woods and likes to walk...but not for more than a short distance. I just could not bear to leave him at home.  We enjoy the woods near our home about every morning, but he likes to take them in style (usually in my arms) while Layla has fun trekking along the ground, sniffing, prancing, and having her own sort of fun. Having to use Leki poles made carrying him a little THIS was invented. Anyway..

Girly Girl and Her Little Mate!

Hi Everyone. I've been a little quiet lately, because work is driving me nuts.  I come home from a nice wonderful vacation, only to double time it to the next deadline! But hey, in my downtime, I'm here, sitting at my craft table, surrounded by my bestest and furriest buds, creating! Today is another great challenge over at 3 Girl Jam! The challenge is being sponsored by Saturated Canary. Chances to Win Yes!  You read that correctly....So, you will definitely want to participate! My little project has a story. It's been a long time since I had a little girl.  And I had a girly girl.  All pink and lace and glitter. But no more.  She's all grown up and even more spectacular...Here's a couple recent pictures of her over our vacation.  She makes me smile.  What a free and lovely spirit.  With such passion and goals for a free world.  I admire that in her. Oh, but back to my story!  (I was day dreaming about vacation...sorry) As I sa