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Textured Honeycomb Background Tutorial

Due to all the comments requesting information on how to create the honeycomb background, I created a tutorial for it that you can findHERE.

We're Better

So glad the weekend is here!  Two reasons, my husband is home from travels and my work was exhausting this week.

I like it when he's home.

Sentimentality aside, this {ippity} itty bitty is such a cute set.  You can get it HERE

And... Fit just what I wanted to say.

'Nuf said....


This day, made only for umbrellas, boots, and determined spirits....was spent taking miserable pups out for their business and putting this lovely tree in the guest room.

My sweet husband, determined to convince himself that in 2 weeks a 10 mile run is a simple matter, actually RAN/WALKED 8 miles in white clay creek during the miserable downpour.  I remained content, making peroges from scratch and sipping a pinot noir.  (In other words, I wimped out).  Since I ran 10 miles during the heat wave last week, I am confident that I will easily conquer the Broad Street Run. (She states this openly with confidence as it is the only way to convince her heart).

Double Pocket Treat

I created this little treat holder for my boss, because today, she is buying everyone lunch.  It's her way to get us to come into the office every once in a while so she can see our faces!  I figured if she was going to buy my salad, I thought she might enjoy a little snack!
This was a super quick project.  For the front, I used, "how YOU doin".  I love that set, because I am finding it really quite versatile...and it's super cute!

Don't you agree?
One thing really neat about it, is that it is double sided and has two pockets!
 So, on the flip side, I added a little note!  It's using the set, "The Simple Things".  Also another wonderful {ippity} classic!

I have a new project on my needles that I am anxious to finish.  This yarn is spectacular, isn't it? And don't you just love the background?  All my stamping off makes for a pretty cool backdrop for the project.

Hooray - It's {ippity} Release Day

Today is the day!  Another wonderful release from Unity, which, of course, includes some wonderful {ippity}stamps!  This {ippity} release features the wonderful artist we all know and love, Angie Blom!
I simply fell in love with all the stamps in this release.  I think you will too!
Here are a few close-up shots of the various projects I created and wanted to show you tonight:

I showed a little sneak peak of one of the necklaces earlier, but included a few more pictures to show you what I did using the set, "Let your Heart Take Flight".  I've mentioned my other passions from time to time, and jewelry is a big one.  And I'm always thrilled when I can combine my love of stamping with jewelry.  As soon as I saw the heart with wings, I knew PRECISELY what I wanted to do with it.  So, the evening it arrived, I pulled out a few of my jewelry supplies and started playing.  The charms were made with shrink plastic colored with colored pencils on sanded clear.  The "Heart&q…

{ippity} Release Tomorrow Night!

Yep!  That's my little project up there in the left hand corner.  This release is a good one.  If you are on the East Coast like me, the release starts at 8 PM EST!
My post for the release will go live then!

Hideaway Pond

It's another beautiful day here in my little corner of the world! I took the dogs on a walk I hadn't done in a long time.  Deep in the middle of the woods is a serene little pond that is home to all sorts of critters, from the micro to the rather large.  We saw several geese, a couple ducks, and just caught a glimpse of a few deer before they skirted off ahead of my little Oliver, who was playing Napoleon, yapping like he could take them on!

Over the weekend, I spent some time getting ready for a couple events I have coming of them happens on Thursday night over in the Unity forum on Splitcoaststampers.  Another wonderful release you'll be tickled pink to get your hands on!  You won't want to miss it!
Oh, and my posts wouldn't be complete without a snapshot of at least one of my fur babies.  This is a picture of Oliver helping me pick out yarn on Saturday at a craft store.  He was all snuggled in the cart trying to stay calm while Layla was all over the pla…


All I can say is this....
There is NOTHING better than spending a day off relaxing amongst flowers and friends.
I took the day off because it has been ABSOLUTELY beautiful lately....reminds me why we endure the winter...and this year, we had no excuse of "cold harsh winter", because it was truly quite mild.  Very few days ventured below 30 F.
But still, the delight of spring has few opponents.
Anyway, this card is "Les Fleur de mon ami" because it celebrates renewed friendship.
And, of course, since this is FWF, it's featuring a couple Unity Stamps and we're amongst friends!
Also the images...they are like spring buds...afresh and new and not yet fully bloomed.  Okay, silly analogy.....but you get it.  These are COMING to your mailbox soon, should you be as excited as I was to see them....
And another delight of spring for me has been my daily walks with sir Oliver and bella Layla....

My silly girl being her bold self.... You can't really tell from thi…

Baubles and Fiction

So, besides writing a bunch of who haw for work (that's the fiction I always laugh about) I'm up to my eyeballs in baubles, glitter, and shimmery goodness.  Can't wait to unfold these goodies, but you (and I ... DARNIT) are going to have to wait a bit longer. In the meantime, with these hints, I'm sure you'll get a good idea of what I'm up to.