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My Little-Big Anarchist

My DD was going on a "pilgrimage" with a few of her friends. She referred to it as a "Road Trip", but in the past, she had indicated that it was a trip to find and discuss philosophies with like minded minded in the Anarchist / Down with Racism and White Privilege / Up with Fair Trade sense....She has quite the list of things she'd change in our a big way. Anyway, she's in Boston now and has left the "Road Trip". It would appear that being the only young woman in a car full of young men left her feeling a bit ignored / out-voted. Also, it would appear that the "objective" of the trip had changed from all the above to something related to whole food / organic food farming. She was also tired of some of the sexual advances a few of them made towards her when they were all drinking....I guess reminding them OVER and OVER and OVER that you're not interested gets old. She may also, to some degree, push or e

Back from the Trail

My husband, a friend of his, and I went hiking last week in Vermont, along the Appalachian Trail. This portion of the trail shares Vermont's "Long Trail", which is a 100 mile trail that stretches across Vermont. The trail wasn't steep anywhere, but was quite rocky and "wet". Lots of standing water even thought there hadn't been much rain. Boggy. No wonder people advice not doing this in June-July...when the mosquitoes and black flies are out. All that standing water is a wonderful breeding ground for those type of bugs. This was one of the few years where we saw quite a lot of people hiking. It was nice to run into fellow hikers a few times a day. Autumn colors were nice. Unfortunately, in several areas, we missed the peak of color as most of the leaves had already fallen. The weather was mild, and we got out before a big rain storm and a big chill down. My only disappointment was that I didn't see much wildlife (beyond the other hikers we

It Would Appear that I Don't Have Much to Say....

I haven't posted here in a while, but I sure have been keeping my daily to do's up to date. It's funny how creating a list of things I'm supposed to be accomplishing doesn't really look like I'm accomplishing much at all. But I sure don't seem to have much spare time. I'm excited/apprehensive for my upcoming hiking trip. Excited because it's always beautiful and relaxing. Apprehensive because it's going to be cold, I don't like going 8 days without a shower and plumbing, and I believe the weather is forecasting a first day of hiking with lots of rain. I'll have to post a few select photos when I return. The leaves should be spectacular!