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Spinner Birthday

Spinner Birthday (1.0) , originally uploaded by bloomingpink . Card I'm teaching later this month at a workshop. What's so much fun about this card is that the little spinner works!

Clay Prints

ClayPrint(2.0) , originally uploaded by bloomingpink . Above is another one of the prints I created.

Lots of Color.

ClayPrint(1.0) , originally uploaded by bloomingpink . Who'd have thought that playing in the mud could be so much fun! Above is a clay print (printed from a slab of clay) that I created after attending a local artist's workshop. I took the day to learn and visit with artist, Mitch Lyons. He had a one day workshop on the Clay Print technique. Wonderful technique for printing from color applied to a clay slab. He has been doing clay prints for over 40 years now and has tested all kinds of approaches for this particular art technique. He shared all this wealth of knowledge with us, while also giving us the technique to do it ourselves. So much fun. You can learn all about him here:

Oliver on Christmas Day

Oliver on Christmas Cay , originally uploaded by bloomingpink . He's Growing! IN this photo, I had to keep waking him up to take his photo. That's about the only time that he is still enough to capture.

Northern Flicker

Northern Flicker , originally uploaded by billy3001 . I was very excited to see this bird visiting the feeders this morning. I hadn't seen this particular bird. They are pretty stunning. Very large....Quite a bit larger than a Blue Jay.

Poor Coma!

PRRRRRRR!!! , originally uploaded by milky.way . I did the worst thing ever! When I was de-matting Coma (using scissors to cut mats off her), a horrible mishap occurred and I accidentally clipped a tiny portion of her tongue....OFF! Her tongue got in the way in a stroke when she decided to help. She's just miserable. Can you imagine how painful this would be? I called the vet and they said to watch her and check to make sure it doesn't start to swell...which would indicate an infection. Ughhhh. What a terrible mom I am.

Holiday Cards

Above slide show shows the cards I made for the bazaar last weekend. Sold a few, which was nice. I also made some felted mitten ornaments. Here's a picture of one that I sold:

Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker [Female]

Yellow-bellied sapsucker (female) , originally uploaded by Laney Bird . While there's a few people I'd grant the name to (yellow-bellied sapsucker!), that's not why I'm sharing this. I saw this bird (not THIS bird, but same species and female) at my suet feeder today! I was pretty excited because it was very different from the normal woodpeckers who come by and visit every day. After doing a little research, I found that this bird may be migrating south or spending the winter here. If I were her, I would travel a bit more south for warmer temps! But it sure was nice that she stopped by to visit and have a snack.

Happy Birthday John

Cake! Today is John's 20th birthday. It also marks the day that we no longer have teenagers, which is either a good thing or an "old" thing. I made the above card for John. On the inside, it reads "It's your birthday. Let's eat, drink, and go on rides!" I really did try to use colors other than pink, but I was uninspired to do so. He didn't mind or at least that's what he said. He was probably being nice. So, here he is wearing a shirt with his picture on it from a trip to Cape May he trekked with a friend and her parents. Goofy Pose. Shirt (Note that he's on the shirt), Geeky Cup, Cake....all of which a friend from school gave him. Made my job easy. I didn't have to bake.