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Blog Hop Day 3 and my Fancy Bonnet for Breezy Nights on the Deck

You can start your voyage by clicking on the button above. It's a Pirates Life Blog Hop Welcome to the last island stop on the Blog Hop!  You're almost there. ARRRGH Mates! I'm your serving winch on the Daniels Ship of Thieves. Okay, so don't laugh too much!  This is me in a new hat I knitted up for my daughter before it gets too chilly in the great NW where she lives.  One of my favorite activities in Fall and Winter is knitting.  I usually start ramping up around this time, so that I have at least SOME sort of chance to get presents ready in time for the holidays. Here is a close-up on the wonderful felt flower from Pinque Peacock I used: And with that, I will say AHOY! mates. Navigate your way to Pinque Peacock's Facebook Page to say hello to our Captain and Chief, Queen Peacock, and the owner AND creator behind all the wonderful products!