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Party Invites

Party Invites, originally uploaded by bloomingpink . I finally finished these invitations this weekend while listening to the Tana French book, "In the Woods". My friend, Kathy, is having a birthday later this month and I made these for the invites, because she's training to become a casino game dealer (she just retired from our company)....and it's her birthday and we're having it at a nearby casino. The ornamental dial in the center is poker chip.

Holy Crap People. This is Serious!

Act Now! Don't let this attack on women (especially those in poverty with real healthcare needs) go on without a fight. Project Jane here we come!

Gimme Sum of That Pie

IMG_0491 , originally uploaded by bloomingpink . This was super delicious. I'll post the recipe in a bit....


Aren't the colors so amazing! Note the green eggs. All natural. Wild, eh? Aquired from a friend that doesn't live in a "deed restricted" community like I do. She has a variety of chickens, thus the eggs differing colors...They roam free, clucking and scratching away. They are so happy they are laying like crazy...even in winter. Yay for local, healthy, happy chickens.

Red Velvet

Today I played around with spelt flour and red food coloring in an attempt to bring a little love [Valentine's Day] into the house. I totally loved the paper cups...they were shaped like rose petals! The cupcakes are healthy...vegan and spelted flour...but the icing, well, it's my basic no fail icing, made with an ample amount of almond. They were pretty good, but next time, I'll not cook them quite as long. When they cooled, they were tasty, but a little dry and crumbly.

Yellos Daily Ritual

Yellos Daily Ritual , originally uploaded by bloomingpink . Yello gets really bent out of shape (let's just say that bent out of shape means .... digestive issue pending) if she can't come in, lay on the bath mat, and "chill" for a little while. However, given her strict guidelines for digestive services, she is oh, so patient with nagging and otherwise frustrating bullies. What I love so much about her is that she could seriously injure a wolverine (not to mention a little creature like Oliver). But instead, she demonstrates PATIENCE. Such a Yogi, this creature. She warns MANY MANY TIMES before striking. Bravo her. Wished I had her stamina for stress!

Oliver guarding the 2nd floor

Oliver guarding the 2nd floor , originally uploaded by bloomingpink . ...from those dangerous carnivorous beasts of the house cat variety! WAS entertainment to watch 2.5 pounds of determination take on a collective 30.... And he won. They would not move until he relinquished authority. Oh, my Napolean.