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Chicken Notes

I made several different one of a kind note holders. I gave this one to my friend, Caryn, the artist that I get my free range chicken eggs from....

They were seriously fun to put together.

This is my Friday

Yes....9:30 pm....with my two favorite guys.

Happy Happy Dog

Happy Happy Dog, originally uploaded by bloomingpink. Really, what else can you say?

Dead Wreath

Dead Wreath, originally uploaded by bloomingpink. ....or is it?

It is hiding a treasure.

Yes, it's embarrassing that it's 6-May and our wreath is still on the door.

But we NOW (not two weeks ago, but NOW) have a good reason....

I guess we just HAVE to leave it up least until we confirm that it will be used for eggs. I haven't heard the birds in the last couple days, so I am thinking they may have abandoned it, because:

(1) They decided nesting in a door-in-use was maybe a bad idea;
(2) They didn't like our cat, who hangs out/around that porch.

In the meantime, it might be a little difficult 'splaining this new wrinkle to the neighbors.