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Okay, I admit it. I'm into butterflies right now...especially this one. It's a nice image, don't you think? I created several of these for Hippieaud's SWAP. The following image is almost exactly like the above, I only changed the back of the card and the placement of the die-cut leaves. I had originally planned to do the second card for the swap, but it really was taking much too long to cut out all the little circles for the tree I changed my design a bit so I could get them postal. It's raining here today again, but not as much as it was the days after I returned from my trip. The rain puts me in a rather mellow and tired mood sometimes - and sometimes pensive. Today would be one of those days. I'm thinking of my acting friend, Jami, who is on the verge of passing into the next phase of her existence. Beyond life. It was reported to me yesterday that she probably won't make it through the week, which is extremely sad for her daughter. Tessa

Book Bling

So, now that I'm in Amy's Chic Book Club, I decided I needed a little chic bling to mark the pages of my book. No more dog-eared pages with this fancy bookmark! To store it (after I finish a book and before starting a new one), I also made a little scalloped envelope to store it, together, they look like this: Totally cool, don't you think? It was a snap to put together. The rubber stamps are Unity Stamp Company images from their April KOM...The bookmark uses a gigantic paperclip you can pick up from any office supply store. Surprisingly, the wire for the butterfly's antenna was made also using a paperclip - it was a bit fancier paperclip that I just altered a tad (it was a musical note paperclip!). I found them at Staples when I hunting for the large paperclips. Most of the other products are from Stampin Up! with the exception of the The butterfly design paper...It's K&Company paper - Rhapsody Design series card stock. I love all their robust and distr

Happiness is....

a kitty in Spring. This card was inspired by none other than the princess herself: Kinky is always getting on top of whatever new item I've brought upstairs to work with...especially if it's cushy and comfortable.

Back to Nature

Well, in my usual fashion of being perpetually behind schedule, I created this card in belated honor of Earth Day. The main image uses two little stamps from a gel-a-tins stamp set, " Sheltering Tree ". I'm really into tree images this year. And I'm seeing them in lots of new stamps set as well, so I'm guessing it's a trend. I plan to use lunch bags as the envelopes. Nifty, eh? On a more serious note, I received a call from a dear friend this evening who informed me that another friend of ours that we took several acting classes with was diagnosed in late March with stage 4 Brain Cancer. She is already in hospice care. Please keep her young family in your prayers. She will be survived by her husband and 11 year old daughter. It's just heartbreaking, because when she was around, she simply brightened the room with her presence.

That Body

Today's card is a really simple card featuring one of Unity Stamp Company's stamps from their April Kit of the Month . As soon as I saw this stamp, I knew I wanted to use it first. The background stamping is very subtle in vanilla pigment ink, using a Paisley Flower, another Unity stamp from the Floral Fantastical set. The card stock, designer series paper, and embellishments are from Stampin Up! I have to say that I really like their new line of corduroy button brads ! I don't tend to use many buttons on my cards because it seems more akin to a country charm look...and I don't tend to do that much...but the corduroy seems more earthy, which is a style I DO tend to do more often. My first attempt to create this card incorporated some zig-zag stitching on my sewing machine, but OH MY just wouldn't cooperate! So, after several attempts, with the clock ticking away into the evening, I settled on the above, which I believe turned out pretty. And I'll b

Butterfly Princess

Above is a picture of my Bronze Butterfly Princess Pendant necklace that I finished for Kate's Princess swap. I have to say that I'm totally loving this particular stamp set - I've used it on a number of different projects over the last month. Following is a detail image of the butterfly: I was in a hurry and was only able to make just enough for the swap. But I like it so much, I think I might have to make a few more! Several people have inquired about how I make metal jewelry using rubber stamps. It's not any more difficult than creating jewelry with stamps and polymer clay. Like most things, it just takes some practice and a little patience. But it does take quite an initial investment, because several specialized (and sort of expensive) tools are required. I'm a PMC certified artisan, having received my certification formally last year. I still use traditional jewelry techniques with sterling silver such as hammering, cutting, and soldering, but I moved in

Butterfly Book

These snapshots are of a few pages from the book I made while I was gone last week! This occupied my time in the evenings. It was great fun to put together. All that is needed to be complete are a few photos.

You Want Me, Don't You...

Okay, despite an angonizing day trying to complete my taxes, I finally finished this. This is a fun card for my friend, Jessica's swap. Hope you like it at least as much as the other one! Now...I need to pack.

Snow Globe?

How about Spring Globe instead... If I had thought soon enough, and if I was sure the Hair gel wouldn't make any color run or cause destruction, I would have included silk flower petals in the "gelly" part of this card!


...on the beach til you rot Well, I wished I was gonna be doin that, but alas, I think it'll be a bit cooler.

The Big Day

This is my friend, Kathy, getting ready to eat her pancakes. I couldn't get her to move her hand. Well, at least we had smiles on our faces BEFORE the "event". I was seriously overdue on my mammogram. Hadn't had one since 2001. Kathy, a breast cancer survivor, is pretty good about going every year for hers, but she too was about 1 year overdue. To be honest, it wasn't that bad at all. And with the new digital machines, it only takes about 30 minutes! My boobs survived. Now, let's hope there isn't any mystery cells in there! And this is definitely going to be an on-going tradition for me. Kathy and I have a date tentatively set again for next year!

You're Gonna Do ...To My...WHAT?

My friend and I purposefully scheduled our mammograms on the same day so that we could celebrate before undergoing said procedure with a pancake breakfast. We've decided that all mammograms should be appropriately festive. We couldn't think of anything more appropriate.... Thursday - Pancakes at 8:30 AM - Appointment at 10:00 AM


No Art - Doing Taxes. Ugh.

Bloom Where You're Planted

In June, a few local demonstrators and I are doing an all scrapping Stamp Camp. We're doing 5 2-page spreads (that's 10 total layouts). In preparation, I have to put together two designs using the Urban Oasis DSP. This weekend I put together a 12 x 12 layout. I can't do this one for the workshop, but I couldn't help sprucing it up. I believe I'm going to use this basic layout, but because of time, we won't be able to complete all the distressing and sewing. This layout also includes quite a bit of punching and "machining" (through the Big Shot). I hope I can accommodate some sewing. At the meeting, I'll ask the other demonstrators what they think. Now I need to find a photo to put it in. There is probably a cute photo of my daughter somewhere that will fit!

Love Always

It was a beautiful day both yesterday and today. Yesterday, Dave, John, Clyde, and I walked on a trail in Fairhill State Park (Maryland). It was extremely windy, but in the woods, it was just perfect. It was the first time in a while since Clyde was out in the woods. You could tell he was having such a wonderful time. He had a little skip to him and ran up to me a couple times...brimming with a smile. I didn't get any good pictures of him because he usually stays very close to me when we're in the woods. It's funny, the few times I got behind and he stayed with the boys, when I walked back up towards them, he almost looked relieved that I hadn't gotten lost! I just love the woods - especially this time of year when the new growth is just emerging. Soon enough it will be very green and buzzing (literally) with life.

Never to Late to Thank a Mother

Planning early. I made several of these, which are going to a woman's shelter so they can be given to the children to give to their moms. What a wretched existence to live in fear and on the run from abusive husbands and partners! I cannot even imagine how stressful that would be. I took the basic layout from the Mother's Day card and only changed the sentiment so that I could make a quick card for a little girl who was just told late in March that she has cancer. Fear that should never be in a child's existence! My heart goes out to her and her family as they begin an unknown journey. So that's it for Saturday. We're off to explore Fairhill Park. We haven't been there in quite a while. It's a wonderful day. A bit windy, but so bright!

Feels Like Home

While humming the song by Chantal Kreviazuk (can anyone say that last name?), I created this card. Cozy card that suits the melody. Only thing missing is my husband and some tea! Stamped Images: Unity Stamp Company Cardstock, Ink, Ribbon, and Hardware: Stampin Up! I'll be donating this card to an auction in support of the Alzheimer's Association that will be held in early May. If you're interested in participating or want to find out more, go see Jen's link to find out more information!

Beach Activity

The most leisure reading I do is when I am on vacation. Depending on my mood (dark or odd comedy), I am usually able to catch up on a Patricia Cornwell or Tom Robbins novel. The above bookmark is inspired by warm sand, light breezes, and plenty of verbs.

We Have a Winner

It looks like Viv blusky won the blog candy! Congratulations! Stay tuned, there will be another chance to win shortly!