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Happy Holiday Fun

I just put this little design together today!  Having fun in photoshop and adobe illustrator!

Street Art 2015

So, I've been enjoying a very warm Spring here in Sydney with the exception of the past few days (and today)....I've had the most annoying cough, sore throat, and ..... lack of voice.  I'm so hoarse I can't speak above a whisper. Okay, enough whining. (Honestly, if it's still a problem on Wednesday, I really will need to consult  a physician) Missing voice aside, it didn't keep me from going to a art exhibit at aMBUSH Gallery at the Living Mall on Friday evening.   In the exhibit this year there were 92 admissions from 21 countries. Here are a few of the pieces that I really liked. This is my favourite (and now my phone's new locked screen wallpaper!) Others that I like (not in any order):  The winners were from Poland and couldn't be present to receive the award, but they did submit a video.  They were "in disguise".  Here's a quick photo I snapped while it was playing.  It must be

Garigal National Park - New South Wales, Australia

Yes, it's been a LONG...Long time since I posted last...but wanted to share a few photos here from my last excursion here in NSW, Australia.... This was a recent walk in the bush...proper bush walking as Summer approaches here 2015.... This is Bruce.  He leads many of the Saturday walks I attend. A look before went walked down the ridge to the bottom. Near the dock.  Lots of oysters clinging along the rocks. Serenity.... The ridge in the distance...our destination. The woman in the centre is my good friend, Alison.  She's a vet...the others are a few attendees.  In this photo....I told Alison that I found her thought bubble (can anyone guess what I'm talking about?) This was the view opposite the picture of Alison.  We were atop the ridge...and looking down on the photos I posted above. However, this is a SPECTACULAR view, don't you think? So, just to give you an idea....I walk with this group which us

The Spear Lily

Rebecca Daniels @2015 Oil on Hardboard Following is the inspiration photo I took on a walk Saturday with a few friends.

Blue Mountains - Leura Cascades to Katumba

Today was another new walking adventure.  I went to the Blue Mountains.  What a terrific walk. I started in Leura and walked through town.  At the end of a road (and after reviewing the GPS on my phone), I took a chance and entered what "looked" like it might be a bushwalking path. I walked along a pretty wide path, which miraculously opened up near Leura Cascades.  From there, I started walking along the Prince Henry CliffWalk towards Echo Point. Below is a s hot taken along the walk at a lookout point. This is looking down at Bridal Veil Falls.  When I go back, I'm going to make sure I have the time to walk along from Leura Cascades in the other direction so that I can walk down to the bottom and across back towards Karumba along the bottom of the bluffs in the bush!  There are several falls like this that I'm sure are even more impressive looking up!  You can't really tell in the photo above, but those falls are well over 2
This is one of the oddest birds here in Australia. They are quite prevalent. I chuckle every time I see them, because I think, " They come with their own straw ". Australia tends to consider them pesky. Probably like we consider the goose. You can read a bit about them here: And here's a really stunning picture of them. You can see they are indeed a cross between a turkey vulture...and a straw!…/I0000GEDJrh75UAw

Trekking Malabar to Botany Bay

Now that I've settled in Sydney and a couple projects have "settled" down, I've made a point to venture out and explore this giant island...starting with the outskirts of Sydney. Usually, I have a day of chores and a day of adventure. Saturday this past weekend was market day.... Heading all warnings (especially after quite the sunburn recently)...I slathered myself in sunscreen and shielded my face with a hat. And Sunday.  Trekking.  I took the train and then a bus to Malabar Bay.  Here's the overview: I mostly jogged from Malabar to Little Bay. I say mostly because there were places where it was thick with bush or sand that I walked through....I have to admit that I was a bit nervous.  Knowing that Australia is home to the DEADLIEST snakes in all the world doesn't help...especially when you aren't sure where they might be...and you see the few occasional signs warning of "snake sightings".  Having said all that,

Free Dingo

Just another fun image from my neighborhood. I mean, really, who wouldn't want a free dingo.

My New Neighborhood

So, I finally have new digs.  Temporary housing was pretty great, but THIS.....This is unbelievable - not believing this is my next new year. It's just pinch-myself freaking awesome.


So sorry I have abandoned you blog.  I will be better. I actually have a fabulous life going on.  And by fabulous I mean this sarcastically, and not really.  It WOULD be a really fabulous existence if a few key people were experiencing it with me.  Maybe soon. It is fabulous in the sense that I don't know who wouldn't want to be where I am right now.  It's one of the best place a person can live - all around.  Think of anything you'd want absent.  It's probably absent or minimal here.  Think of friendliness, temperament climates, waterside views, simplicity...oh, it's here too. And so it goes.

Conowingo Dam

-Rebecca Daniels 2006 Found this photo while I was packing for a long trip.  I took this one afternoon, when I was driving home from one of my friends houses in Monkton.  It was one of the first times I had seen the dam locks open.

One Year Abroad

I know it has been some time since I posted here.  That's because my work life became very busy while my artful/crafting life became very dormant.  It will continue to be that way, because I have now migrated to Australia to live for the next year! So, after I get myself settled and into something routine and worth "reporting", see ya from Den'unda Mate!