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Little Chuckle from "Inter-Space"

So, a friend at work, Rick, is always poking fun with me about "being middle-aged". I deserve it, really, because I haven't given him one moments peace if I can jab him about being 50. He turned 50 last year and I really gave him a hard time and still do when presented with a good and laughable opportunity. And of course, I keep telling him, "I'm in no-way middle-age." Well, sometime this week (either T or W), he poked again and followed up with a question. "So, exactly when is old". My little sick mind immediately came up with an answer, but I kept it to myself. The Answer: When you are grey in 25% or more in your pubic hair region.

One Thousand White Women

By Jim Fergus I started this book in March when I went on my Rah Rah Adventure with my friends to our friend Jean's house. I finally finished it on the plane on my way back from California. I only seem to take the time to read when I'm traveling. I really liked this book. It gave life to Native Americans during the time when the white people stole the land and pushed them all onto reservations. It is a first person account - written as journal entries - from 1 of 1000 white women that was traded by the US Government to the Indians for horses. We give you 1000 of our white women to breed and in turn, you'll give us 1000 of your horses. This woman (May Dodd) writes about her life over the months following her agreement to enter the "program" through to the end (which I won't have to go get the book!) Anyway, it was....thought provoking...touching...sad. I felt like I knew May, felt proud to be a woman, developed a renewed admiration for the Nat

Rambling Thoughts

Hope you're having a swell week. I was in Southern California last week traveling on business for a golf company. I was right on the coast. Boy,was it beautiful (and warm). I really enjoyed it. I have to admit, however, that I was happy to come back home to my husband and my kitties. Now,today, it's my husband's turn to travel. He'll be gone until Halloween. Anyway, it makes me think about how much I appreciate being close to someone - well, okay, in particular (at this moment), my husband. You know? He's really my closest friend, the person I spend the most time with. Spending a lot of time with strangers and being in a new place has its excitement, but it pales in comparison to the content I experience when I am with my husband. It's contentment in knowing how much I'm loved - and the comfort I have in being able to be myself. I guess spending all that time alone and with a few strangers made me think a little too. I had more time to think and ta


Is this funny or what?

If you Must, Poke His Eyes Out

I made this for a friend. In a time when I think she probably feels like crying or possibly belting the dude, hopefully this made her laugh. It came with all the supplies for: - Catching it on fire - Hanging it or tying it up - Poking it in all too many useful places - Documenting bad wishes for it - Hitting, punching, spitting, flinging, or ripping it to shreds! Now, if only it worked!


I made this card for a swap on Saturday. I just love this guy. He makes me smile everytime I see him! He was a quick project since it uses mostly punches. I think it only took me about 3 hours to make 20 of the little guys. The most time consuming part (besides some of the sponging) was making his bolts. No punch for that so I had to cut them by hand. Anyway, he's here to help you smile too! Oh, and get a load of's a bunch of Franks! I had a pile of them on my table before the evening was through!

Dream House in Carlsbad

I was traveling for work in California last week. One of the evenings, I had sometime before dark, so I took a stroll through the Village of Carlsbad on the beach. On my way, I saw my dreamhouse. Those of you who know me, know how much I love the color Pink. I just couldn't resist taking a snapshot of this quaint little beach villa. It even has a white picket fence!


A few days ago I signed up to be a ChemoAngel at Yesterday I received my new patient. I'm sending her a card and quick note today. Here is a picture of the card and letter I am sending: She is a woman in her 40's with breast cancer. So, I wrote my first letter to her today: Dear xxx, I was given your name today and wanted to write you a quick hello to introduce myself so that you can get to know a little bit about me. I hope this introduction finds you feeling well and enjoying the changes of the season. My name is Rebecca, but you will probably always see me sign myself as Bekah or Bek. As you can see from my return address, I live in Delaware. Not originally from this area, I moved here with my daughter in the early 90's because of a work transfer. I have been here since. I love this area. City and outdoor adventures are easy and quick escapes from the mundane M-F work existence. I enjoy being so close to the hub of activity - NYC, Phil