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Little Chuckle from "Inter-Space"

So, a friend at work, Rick, is always poking fun with me about "being middle-aged". I deserve it, really, because I haven't given him one moments peace if I can jab him about being 50. He turned 50 last year and I really gave him a hard time and still do when presented with a good and laughable opportunity.

And of course, I keep telling him, "I'm in no-way middle-age."

Well, sometime this week (either T or W), he poked again and followed up with a question. "So, exactly when is old".

My little sick mind immediately came up with an answer, but I kept it to myself.

The Answer:

When you are grey in 25% or more in your pubic hair region.


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For You My Friend

Dang is it ever hot, right?
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It matched PERFECTLY.
Anyway, hope you like it.
My friend did (and she didn't assault the box when I gave it to her!)
Have a super Saturday.
Drink lots of water....cuz if you spend anytime outdoors, it just evaporates right out of you!

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