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Great Horned Owl

I was in my lifetime only slightly more excited when I saw a tiny little hoot owl walking to my car after classes one night in the mid-80's.

But tonight, I actually SPOTTED and saw this mighty owl that's been making noises in our backyard, high atop a dead tree. Well, again, not THIS owl, but the same breed.

I looked him/her up online and saw that they are staking out their breeding/roosting territory now through Feb. My husband made a house, so we'll need to seriously hurry to get it high in a tree.

And, of course, now precautions must be made to protect my Oliver. He'd be a delicious meal for a roosting owl! Eek.

Apron for your Crafting Supplies, anyone?

NissaLynn, a blogging/etsy friend of mine, is hosting a swap that I thought I would mention here in case any passing readers are interested.

Essentially, she is swapping one of her hand-made aprons for those crafting supplies that you have that you have yet to use.

I signed up, because I love her aprons and think they not only make nice gifts, but also are useful for my own selfish endeavors.

Anyway, if you are interested, check it out HERE
I love this quote by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.:

"What makes the Good Samaritan good is his ability to reverse the question of human concern: rather than thinking about what would happen to him if he stopped to help a fallen traveler, he asks, what will happen to the traveler if he doesn't stop to help?"

(Sermon, “Discovering Lost Values”)

No Answer For You!

[said with a Seinfeld "Soup Nazi" accent]

So, here I am pontificating away trying to answer some question (like I really have answers), and after an entire novella is written, I press "Submit" and lo and behold...


Stylish Sweater?

Stylish Sweater?, originally uploaded by bloomingpink. He was cold, so I got him a stylish little sweater to wear until his coat matures.

Again, tired of me pointing my camera at him while he is trying to get his beauty rest.

Turkey Vulture Rest Stop

Turkey Vulture Rest Stop, originally uploaded by bloomingpink. That's what I would call this tree (and a few others in the immediate vicinity) if I could name it.

We see hundreds of these very large vultures roosting (resting, hunting, gathering?) very often on our way to walk or run in White Clay Creek - Indian Town.

It's always a creepy sight to behold that many very.large.birds.

I kept a pretty close eye on Oliver whilst I was stomping closer to get a decent picture. I know they don't typically eat living creatures, but wasn't sure if they are not also opportunistic.

And he's a little guy. And probably tasty.