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Lil Halloween Devil

He hated his costume, can you tell?

Happy Halloween

We trolled around Chesapeake City, MD, anticipating the fright that would [not] come in our neighborhood. Tiny towns are so nice to visit.


Just finished these tonight.  Not sure what lucky person is getting these for Christmas!

She Liked to Boogie

Finished this before Dave, Oliver, and I went for a stroll in Fairhill.  I like this one better than my first, because it has richer colors and more texture.

She Was Ready to Shine

MultiMedia Collage Art. Not sure what I'm going to do with it.  This was fun to create, but you should see the mess I brought up from the basement!

We're Going to the Park....YIPPY

I haven't been posting too much about Oliver and thought it was about time to let you know what he's been up to lately. Since the weather has been so lovely the past week, we've been having all kinds of fun in the park walking, chasing leaves (and the occasional squirrel), and jogging. I wished I felt as free and lively as he does - as evidenced by his wonderful smile!


Oliver here posting for my mum, who is busy at the moment dealing with a project at work. I totally dig that she gets to work from home more now.  That means we get to do things like take walks in the nearby park at this one. In this picture, I was trying to decide it I wanted to walk for myself or talk her into carrying me.

Elegant Thanks

Quick 4.25 square card  whipped up for a friend.

Fingerless Mitts

Yes, it's that time of year again.  Time to start planning and getting ready for the chilly and sometimes unpleasant weather ahead. In preparation, a friend of mine asked if I could make her some red fingerless mitts similar to the pair I made her last year.  These turned out so nice and with the extra yard, I decided to go ahead and make a couple more!

Chevron Socks for Chilly Toes

I just finished these cozy socks for the friend of mine who had the motorcycle accident.  Thought she might enjoy something pretty and colorful to offset that hospital green and sterile white.  I took them to her today and visited with her, her boyfriend, and her family for a bit.  She looked like she was having a pretty good day.  Some days she's in quite a bit of pain, but is improving everyday. She will be leaving the hospital on Monday and transferring to an in-patient physical therapy medical center where she will be busy getting stronger.  In order to be able to go home, she'll need to be able to walk with a walker and get in/out of a car. She's been in the hospital for over 7 weeks.  Her recovery has been a series of miracles. Really.  Everyone is amazed. What a strong woman.
I finished this 'lil project tonight in class.  I was skeptical that I would be able to work the jewel into the bezel cup [do not ask why....I shall peer with reluctance at the question], but when I got home, it went in nicely.  Pha...Ewe! And.So. Because it doesn't smell like a delicious treat, Oliver wasn't AT ALL interested in his new jewel. Silly boy.