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Another SCS Meet-Up

So, I have had the honoor of meeting two folks that I "talk" to on SCS this month. I was FINALLY able to meet Vivian! Her parents live just south of me so she and her mom came up to meet me and walk around Old New Castle . Old New Castle is the oldest city in Delaware. It's an adorable little town with very old, brick homes and quaint stores. It a very charming place. I love to stroll through the town, taking pictures - especially some of the unique and colorful doors! We shopped at the White Swan Rubber Stamps, and then meandered down to the bead store. By the time we were done shopping, Aida was telling us that "lunch" was about to turn into "dinner", so we headed down to Jessop's Tavern for a bite to eat. We digested our food and chatted while we strolled through a very old grave yard just outside of a historical church. Several of the tombstones had lengthy inscriptions! I read one (which was more than a paragraph long) aloud and Vivian

Little Shoppe on the Corner

On a bike ride through Alexandria, VA, I saw this awesome little corner shoppe and just knew it would be so cute in BW. When I have a moment to fiddle, I will have to add a little sepia, overexposure, and grunge to give it a vintage feel. Besides the AC units in the upper apartments, street signs, and new pavement, it almost looks like a shot from a simpler time, eh? And....Hey, it's Saturday and if you haven't already discovered Cora's Saturday Image Bonus, go check her out!

Already Looking Ahead

I went to my dear sweet friend's house (Nina) on a girly weekend to bike and enjoy good, simple fun a few weeks ago. As a gift for putting up with me for the weekend, I created this calendar for her. I laughed saying, "It's a gift so that you could think of me every month all of next year. Good or bad." Now that I'm back in town, I think I'll drum up a few more calendars for next year! It was great fun. The stamps are from Purple Onion Designs rubber stamps. Scroll down on THIS PAGE to see: Vintage Perpetual Calendar Monthly But Wait...I can only make more calendars AFTER I finish the 210 or so card fronts I need for a mega swap [EEK heard ever so softly in the back of my brain as I launch into anxiety]


I've been absent and with extremely limited computer access. But on my way home yesterday, the shot above was the view from my seat on the plane! Anyone venture to guess where this is?

Stamps, Drinks and Gabbing

So, can you GUESS who I met while I was visiting with my daughter in Washington? Let's see....well...she: - Just sent her son off to college, but isn't yet an empty nester - Creates stamping masterpiece cards and layouts - Has a great (sick? morbid? sinister?) sense of humor - Deals with all sorts of creatures and smells - Carries a gun - Has more energy than a chihuahua - Is on my right in the picture below Yes, it's KelliJo. She works in the area near my daughter. So, before I went, we tentatively arranged to meet. We hooked up near a Michael's, did a little shopping, then ventured over to Applebee's for a quick bite...and most importantly...a drink. She gave me the cutest card (that I don't yet have a picture of darn it!...but will add when I get a second) I think I talked her ear off(complained? vented? gabbed? yacked on and on), but it was fun. I only wished I had more time and had my stamp room with me so that we could have stamped a little. Oh, well..

Thankful Thoughts

My friend, Danielle, over at Life, One Layout at a Time , has started a foundation that will sell cards, supporting a number of causes like St. Jude's, Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep, Autism Speaks, and A String of Pearls. She's always looking for card donations (as well as cash donations)! If you're interested, pop on over to her blog and leave her a comment! The card above is one of the cards I made to send to her (I made several). It's funny, the evolution of this card. Birth of the Card I started this card as part of VSN over at SCS. For the die cut challenge. It didn't have near as much bling. Because the challenge was to formulate a design and produce it quickly. Demonstrate Me Version I am in a swap to make 12 total card fronts that show off and use some of the new Stampin Up In Colors and current products. One important feature (beyond using new In-Colors) was to make sure it was demonstrable. That's tricky, because it cannot be too complicated (for example,


I'm starting to get ready and geared up for Halloween. I made this kit for a gift flood I'm involved in. I'm hoping to jump start the recipient with her treats for the kids. I think it's my favorite holiday...have you ever sat outside in the dark shadows of a warm night and listened? Especially right now. The crickets are in full song and the critters are prowling. Several years ago...and occasionally even now, I sometimes can't sleep...if it's after 2 AM, I'll venture outside and sit on my porch and just listen. A few times I took a BW film camera and had a field day playing around with night shots...but instead of helping me relax and ready myself for the covers again, it woke me up. I ended up watching the sun rise, making the work day somewhat unpleasant. Which reminds's almost tomorrow here on the east coast and it's not Friday. Here's a close-up of the card. I'm doing a workshop in October. This is one of the cards we'll be

Blog Candy

CLOSED Want to win this set? This candy will be available until August 31. In hopes that the word will spread, giving more people the opportunity to get some free stuff! Here's what you need to do for your chance to win: (1) Follow Me! (if you aren't already) I'll reciprocate. (2) Advertise this candy on your blog and link back here. (3) Visit the ETSY storefront where Delaware Artisans Coop is selling (more stock is added daily): HERE (4) And most importantly, leave a comment on this post, offering two things to improve the ETSY store: (a) One thing you like about the store (something good that should continue) (b) One thing you think will improve the store (something that will make it better) This feedback will be important for determining how we can improve. Right now, I'm the only studio artist really in charge of any "online" presence...mostly because my other partners are a tad busy right now. But when they get started, they would like to b

Vintage Images

I feel like I've stumbled onto a treasure - Vintage Images. A few weeks ago, I stumbled onto the most wonderful blog that features free vintage images, including a little weekly challenge. The author, Cora, has collected images over time. She has chosen to share some of these in a usable digital format from her personal collection so that we can use them in our paper and mixed media art creations! Isn't that generous? She posts two images on Tuesdays with a challenge and some bonus images on Saturday mornings. Those of you that are regular bloggers know how much time, effort, and personal motivation it takes to continue an endeavor like this! Anyway, in case you haven't noticed, I posted the links along the side panel of my blog and encourage anyone visiting here to go and take a look at Clearly Vintage and Digital Two for Tuesday! I believe her collection is really nice and she has a generous policy with using the images too, Go visit her - You won't be disappointe

Games People Play

It's Hip Hop Hangover today and for once, I think I have one. I was not able to participate, but my entire evening was focused on Unity Stamps. I created the above using one of their brand new slides, called "Game of Chance Bingo". You can get one here: Game of Chance Bingo The above link goes along with an exciting least for me, anyway! I've teamed up with a couple artisans around here and opened a small studio! I've had this cooperative studio concept dream for about 4 years, and it's been slowly coming together. We recently found some space and are in the process of negotiating the lease and terms, but it is slowly coming together. In the meantime, we each have been been what I refer to as "gypsy" artists...making and selling via marketplace, fair, or by word of mouth...for a long time. So, anyway, a different sort of dream come true...I hope anyway. It all depends on the negotiations. Oh, and how it links to the above ETSY

Secret Sistah'

This is the package that my Secret Sistah will be receiving in the next few days.! I hope she will enjoy the contents as much as I enjoyed decorating the packaging! The Ice Cream Cone is a very large stamp that I've had for about 20 years. The company is no longer in business, unfortunately...but it's one of my favorite ice cream cones!