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Blog Candy


Want to win this set?

This candy will be available until August 31. In hopes that the word will spread, giving more people the opportunity to get some free stuff!

Here's what you need to do for your chance to win:
(1) Follow Me! (if you aren't already) I'll reciprocate.
(2) Advertise this candy on your blog and link back here.
(3) Visit the ETSY storefront where Delaware Artisans Coop is selling (more stock is added daily): HERE
(4) And most importantly, leave a comment on this post, offering two things to improve the ETSY store:
(a) One thing you like about the store (something good that should continue)
(b) One thing you think will improve the store (something that will make it better)

This feedback will be important for determining how we can improve. Right now, I'm the only studio artist really in charge of any "online" presence...mostly because my other partners are a tad busy right now. But when they get started, they would like to be prepared for success!

So, your feedback is really appreciated.


Ashley said…
Fun blog candy Bekah!
a) Love all the Unity in your shop! I wish I could buy some!
b) Would really love to see more handmade items. They are my favorite and I love seeing what people can do!

I'm blogging about you right now!
Viv blusky said…
I love blog candy. I like that you have the sizes for all the stamps right there easy to read. Love the jewelery and would like to see more hand made stuff. Can't wait to see what your partners add.
chickadee3357 said…
I love all the Unity you are selling. That is definitely a plus that should continue. And I agree with Ashley, more homemade would be cool. For instance that Daisy Drop necklace, I like it but I also think it might be better to take the photo of it on white background as opposed to black. It is hard to see it.
de said…
(1) I am now following you!
(2) Posted on my blog!
(3) Visited Delaware Artisans Coop on Etsy
(4) Shop comments:
(a) I love all the Unity items and the potential for more handmade items.
(b) Definitely more handmade/artisan made items. I also agree w/ chickadee regarding the necklace that it should be photographed on a lighter background.

Looking forward to seeing more!
SMK said…
yay for following :) love finding new blogs!
a) love the diversity
b) what exactly is Delaware Artisans Coop? It would be great if there was a little blurb about what ya'll are!
the candy is in my sidebar, thanks for the chance to enter :)
Thanks for the chance to win some goodies! I just found your blog & became a follower. I don't have a blog of my own yet but I hope I can still enter. I checked out the ETSY store... I am a big Unity stamp fan and love that you carry them1 I also like that you have some handmade items as well. From your profile, I see that the store is a great mix of different types of creative artists...I would love to see a mix of all the art works together in one etsy store. One stop shopping of fabulous handmade goods! I would also like to see handmade items created with the items you sell in the store :) Thank you!
Jacilynn said…
Glad to find your blog and store. I love all the unity stamps and would love to see more hand made items.
Rachel said…
great candy!
I blogged here

I love that you have Unity stamps
I'd add more homemade items!
Seoulscrappin' said…
(1) I am now following you!
(2) Posted on my blog! (3) Visited Delaware Artisans Coop on Etsy - had a bit of difficulty finding it but .... that was my error and not yours.
(4) Shop comments:
(a) Love the Unity items and info on them
(b) Definitely more handmade/artisan made items.
Hey Bek,
This is awesome that your doing blog candy :) Thanks for the chance to win!!

You know I am a follower of both this an your Etsy store. I love your store but agree that you need more hand made items. I know you're a great artist and you make awesome jewelry. You should add some of that :)
cjs said…
I am now a follower! Nice Etsy storefront - great stamp sets! As far as improving the store - more items would be nice. I would love to see your jewelry.
Chrisd said…
I'm a follower. I love finding new blogs.
1)posted on my blog-in sidebar
2) Nice storefront with Unity Stamp selection.
3)Jewelry is lovely ...include more Suggestions ;
Do you take special item requests? ...Special colors or details?
jennifer mitten said…
I love the opportunity to win blog candy:-) I'm crazy about Unity's stamps! I looked at your etsy store and agree that you need more hand-made items. Personally, I wouldn't be looking for any expensive jewelry but I love to buy more moderately priced handmade gifts for my friends. We had a wonderful shop in our neighborhood that is now closed and we bought all different kinds of nifty items from $10 to $100 there.

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