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Celebrating Alice

Thought I would put a few more bright cards together in celebration of the return of Alice. I better get these in the mail quickly or they WILL be late!


Aren't these little earrings a treat? They are simple yet elegant with just a splash of color. I finished these up last night (and just barely in time, I should add).


What does one do while waiting for snow to melt and Spring to come? ....Make jewelry in springtime colors, that's what! I made the blue sparkly loops with paper, rubber stamps, crafting pigment, and high quality jewelry resin. The backing for the loops is a galvanized flat washers from Home Depot! Who could guess, eh? And that's what THIS girl does in a hardware store...look for items she can turn into baubles and bling!

Tootsie Treat...And, Oh Pink

These took literally 15 minutes to whip together...which is a good thing, since I am working a stamp camp tonight and tomorrow and had to bring a door prize contribution.

Favorite Cabinet

One of my favorite pieces of furniture is a cabinet I purchased in 2001 (before I moved and remarried). Its one of the nicest things in my kitchen.

Very Relaxed Kitty

At least something around here is relaxed!

To my Valentine

....You Wild Thing!

Valentine Treat

Just a little treat I created for Valentine's Day. What I did: I create the template for the front and back so that I could cut it out on my Cricut. It's the first time I ever did that and was it ever fun! Then I put it together using a rectangular strip of paper scored and cut to make a little basket about 1/5 inches wide. I hand cut the designer paper front panel (there's also another one on the back). I had the crochet flower....something I made last weekend. I added the brad and leaf, attaching it to the front with strong adhesive. Finished it up with the little strip of ribbon at the top and popped in a bag of chocolates!

Blizzard Dig Out

As a full sized adult, have you ever stepped in snow that came up over your knees? Well, it was a first for me! After getting blasted last week with over 2 feet of show, we received another similar snowfall only 4 days later. We've now broken the record of the most snowfall since they began recording snowfall in 1885. Pretty cool, eh? The last record snowfall was in 1995. I remember it well, because it was the most snow I'd ever seen in my entire life. Being from the south, we rarely experienced white stuff and I remember being impressed and bewildered about what to do. My dogs were perplexed as well. I wonder if Clyde remembers. Because he was about two years old at the time. Anyway, here's a few snapshots I took with my pocket camera as we were trying to keep up with the digging. It was still snowing while we were digging. And after we were done, we strolled down the lane. Snow was blowing towards our back on the way down the lane...but on the way back, it was an icy stin

Floral Postcard Purse

I made another pretty purse full of postcards! The design is completely different internally, but similar in the way it looks on the outside to the other one I made for the biker babe of our group. This was sent to ANOTHER friend from our little group that is having a birthday - Ginny- the self-declared leader of our group. Her spirit explodes sunshine and joy. She is THE reason that our group has sustained throughout the years. Through her persistent and consistent communication, invitation, spirit, and friendship, we've been able to remain a group of close friends. I hope she has fun using the cards enclosed. And following is a series of pictures that gives you a better idea of everything I put together. Opened all the way up: Postcards tucked away in two of the sides: Two close-ups:

Lingering Snowfall

It was 4:00 AM and I had just left my house to hit the road heading towards DC with a colleague to spend two days working. This busy shopping center was never so peaceful. I was driving and wished I had been able to take some pictures of the scenery on the interstate when we were on the beltway close to the worksite. DC received quite a few more inches of snow than we did. It was a gorgeous way to see the sun rise.

Keeping Warm

This is what happens when I leave to go meet my husband for lunch! I returned to find Kinky atop my computer, sitting on the keyboard, keeping herself warm by the heat of the disk drive spin. In the background, I hear a faint and periodic Dinging sound...You know the sound...made when a key in error is hit! Thank goodness I always lock it when I step away --> because of situations just like this! Bad Kitty!

Postcards from the Road

Today is my road warrior friend's birthday. I CONVENIENTLY forget how old she is now. Not to spare her, mind you, but because she is the youngest of our little group! Our little group of Rah's live vicariously through her adventures atop Harley. (Doesn't that sound dirty?!) She bought a Harley (or two) a year or so ago and travels around...satisfying one goal last year to bike across the US on a wildly short whirlwind of a vacation. I just love the excitement of knowing that she's out there on a bike, troubles, anxieties, and stresses BEHIND her, kicking up the dust, and avoiding bugs and various other critters flying into her fairing (mouth)! It's a delight to me, who sits most days in front of this computer, making charts for bitter, old, corporate uptights. Oh, oops...I'm starting to sound bitter like them, eh? As a contribution to her whiles, I created this Post Card Bag, so that when she stops for a bite, dip, nap, or drink (gasp), she has on hand a post c