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Memory in a Photo

The following is another TTV shot in a series I took last year on what had to be absolutely the hottest day of the summer. July 19. I Remember it clearly. The shot doesn’t reveal anything regarding the suffering heat. It is so much more pleasant looking. My dog, Clyde, and I went to an art festival in Baltimore and spent the entire day, walking around, looking, and purchasing some really cool stuff. That part was really nice. And the best part was later, we listened to some Druid Hill street performers – to me they were The Druid Hill Street Performers ! By the end of the day, my poor guy was so exhausted and actually looked wilted. It’s a good thing I had thought ahead and brought along a water bowl and a couple water bottles, because he certainly needed it throughout the day. He slept soundly all the way home and into that evening. Zora and Jack (mother/father in law) went down the next day and it was just as hot. She actually told me when I spoke with her later that week that a

Clean and Simple

Borrowing the design I used for Perfectly Pink swap, I put a few "blues" together for March's Card for a Cause, which is submitting cards to an organization that works with women struggling with cancer. They provide them with gifts, cards, support, and all around encouragement. Great cause, huh? These came together pretty quickly, since I already had a basic design in mind. Thank goodness, because this is a busy month. Oh, and have I mentioned Christmas tree...yes, still up. I think that should be a goal this month, huh? I really REALLY need to take it down and put it away...Beyond embarassing. I keep thinking about what my good friend Heidi would say if she knew!


Finished up this card just a bit ago. It's for a "Perfectly Pink" swap I'm participating in. I had friendship in mind for two reasons: - My Rah Rah's are a special group of friends and they have been on my mind since I saw them at the wedding; - The autistic card drive (see my right panel) needed friendship cards. So, I was able to kill three birds with one perfectly pink card. Happy Spring.

Inspirational Unity Blog Hop

I have three huge passions related to art: photography, jewelry making, and paper crafts. Above combines two of those passions: jewelry making and paper crafts. The necklace featured is a gift for a friend. I used Unity Stamp Company stamps in all the projects shown in the picture above. If you look closely, you'll even see that I used the Hawaiian Border and the swirls in the lambs fleece of Love Ewe to make the bronze charms in the jewelry above! Besides the stamps used, other materials included Bronz Clay, antiqued bronze findings, and various beads. Of course, what gift isn't complete without packaging? You can find the tutorial for the bag Here . Paper and cardstock, punches, and ribbon used are from Stampin Up! while the stamp used is from Unity's March Kit of the Month . People who know me know how I strive to use humor everyday...and especially to make light of otherwise stressful situations. So, my quote for the day has absolutely nothing to do w

Bad Boy

Inside: Fun card - I made about 8 of them - 6 for a swap. Maybe I'll slip one in my husband's computer case in the AM. ;)

Tip Toe Through the Tulips with Me

Signs of Spring are starting to emerge where ever I go, giving me a sense of playfulness. Dusting off the cobwebs, these tulips (taken at the Philadelphia Flower Show) poke fun at my playful inner child, challenging me to frolic, jump, spin, and landing me with a deeper appreciation of the fun loving artist, Tiny Tim. Hey, Tiny , I think I understand you now!

Peaceful Easy Feeling

Remember that song? This photo brings back memories of our vacation last year during the week of Memorial Day. I took this TTV shot one evening at dusk as we walked along the boardwalk in Ocean City, MD. It was very quiet there that week. I am looking forward to long days and warm breezes, aren't you?

I've Been Tagged

I have been tagged by my blogging and Unity friend, Karen . The challenge was to post the 6th picture in the 6th folder in my picture files. •Open your photo folder on your computer •Open the 6th folder of photos •Select the 6th picture •Post the picture on your blog with a description The above picture is from my weekend anniversay trip to Cape May in 2007. My husband took me on a romantic weekend trip back to town where we were married. Must be a theme this weekend - Beach Weddings. Taken in the gardens from the Southern Mansion , the bed and breakfast where we stayed. My memories of our anniversary are draped with much more relaxation than my memories of the weekend of our wedding. We were unfortunately too busy to really enjoy the atmosphere and beauty of the mansion. We'll be doing a similar trip again this year, except we've decided to go somewhere in Vermont. Alright, on with the tagging. Here are the rules for the tag: •Invite six friends to join the chal

Wishing You Happiness

Here's the Happy Couple! Married in Antigua on March 17th, the reception was beautiful and followed their wedding theme - The Beach. After a wonderful week of Sun, Sand, and relaxation, they returned to Baltimore to celebrate with family and friends, packup Fawn's belongings, and head West towards Oregon. I believe they are on the road as I type. I'd give you a little more information on the reception, but we've all been to them. The normal, traditional activities were done with the exception of the Fool to Remember . I will happily note that noone made a drunken fool of themselves, since no alcohol was served. Hooray for that. This reception did not include ANY dancing other than the couple's first dance, father/daughter dance, and mother/son. Music genre was a little country, and lots of Southern Rock. I think I even heard Free Bird. Actually, I KNOW I heard it, because I had to stop and laugh out loud. When was the last time you heard that song? And yes, th

Lovin' Life Blog Candy

I've decided to do my first Blog Candy Give Away in honor of the beginning of Fawn and Jeff's new marriage! May the years you spend together create a joyous life! The lucky winner will receive the unused stamps sets above. Life the Life from Unity Stamp Company and Live Like you Mean It from Stampin Up! All you have to do is post a comment! The winner will be announced on April 1.

True Friendship

I am doing this card for a humor swap.

Wise-"sas"dom and wisdom for Nuptials

Two of my friends children hitched and their reception is this weekend. My friend, Ginny, (the new husband's mom) is placing a decorated box in the reception room and a stack of index cards where attendees can post words of wisdom and "caution" to the new couple. Of course, she told us first. To give us time to think ahead of all that we've learned through our collective 100+ years of marital "bliss". I started mine last night during the weekly Hip Hop. Above are a few examples of what I finished (and am still working on). I'm calling mine Wise-sas-dom . Because if anything, I'm going to trickle humor into the learnings I give them in hopes that they can smile through the tough times (or at least after). All images in my artwork above are from the Unity Stamp Company .

Face Talk

I ran across this picture in my archives. It's a picture of my daughter when she was about 18 months old taken from my old Mamiya 330 TLR medium format camera. First grandma had told her not to touch the water and then I came along and told her the same thing. Her face says it all, doesn't it?

Built Like an Amazon

Ow she's a Brick-house, She's mighty mighty, Just lettin' it all hang out She's a brick-house, That lady's stacked, And that's a fact, Ain't holdin' nothin' back, Ow she's a brick-house, Well we're together everybody knows, This is how the story goes... She knows she's got everything, That a woman needs, to get a man How can she lose, with such a youth, Thirty six, twenty four, thirty six, What a winning hand! She's a Brick-house, She's mighty mighty, Just lettin' it all hang out. Yea she's a brick-house, That lady's stacked, And that's a fact, Ain't holdin' nothin back, Oh she's a brick-house, Yeah she's the one, the only one, Built like an Amazon The clothes she wears, her sexy ways, Makes her, ole man wish, For younger days yeah yeah She knows she's built, And knows how to please. Sho' nuff can knock a strong man to his knees.

What a Great Day

Seneca Rocks, West Virginia (September 2004) Dan, Dave, Me, and Mike

It's Latte

I finished about 10 of these cards just a few minutes ago. I've included a tea bag in the front of the card with ribbon to hold it in place...Lemon Tea...Yum. Maybe I'll make myself one before heading to bed. It's really late on Saturday night - actually Sunday and the time of night when the only thing on TV is Wrestle Mania and Paid Programming. I can hear the soothing rhythmn of my husband's breathing in the family room, just over the 1/2 wall which will turn into a quiet snore in a few minutes. One of my favorite sounds.

Digital in the Darkroom

I spent a few hours today in the darkroom contact printing from negatives that I made from digital photos. Fun.


Alrighty, here is the finished hand towel. I worked on it when I got home from work Friday night. I am somewhat happy with the results. Not bad for someone who sews infrequently. And it's certainly "unique" (there are some mistakes that are laughable.) I added random stitching throughout. I started with swirls in an attempt to follow the yellow swirls I stamped, but they sometimes had "corners", so I just started sewing randomly. And I added the zig-zag stitching, and the Ric-Rak. So, there it is. Not sure what I'm going to do with it. Dave says - "It's a keeper."

Wipe That Up

The challenge was do a card in green in celebration of the upcoming St. Patrick's Holiday. But I've been wanting to make something fabric for while now, so I used the challenge as inspiration and took creative libery to come up with the simple hand towel above. It's not quite done yet. I've decided it needs more froo froo, which I plan to finish after work this evening. But.........with the frooo-frooo, I doubt anyone at my house is gonna want to sop up messes with it. Well, anyone who actually cleans up anyway (Dave or myself). So, maybe it will make it's way out the door to the mailbox as a gift. Hmmm. Or....double Hmmmm. We'll see. If I'm embarrassed with the results... it's headed towards the powder room! All images - Unity Stamp Company , acrylic paint with fabric additive, and fabric.

Calvin and Hobbes

Marsha Marsha Marsha

This is my friend, Marsha, from the studio where I paint. She's eating our birthday cake (her b-day was on 3/5, while mine was this week). Anyway, don't notice her silly face...look left. That's her painting. Isn't is far so fabulous. It's still a work in progress. This painting is of one of her father's toys. So, besides the painting being Beee-UTE-E-ful , it holds special meaning to her.

Musical Notes

I've been working on this card swap all week. Finally getting it done tonight. It includes a CD with songs that I enjoy...especially when I jog: - I'm a Believer - Let's Groove Tonight - Sober - Believe - Harder to Breathe - Rain King - Same Ole Song n Dance - 21 Things I Want in a Lover - Woke Up This Morning - September - Super Freak - Super Duper Love - She Said - Ray of LIght - Bloody Well Right - Put Your Records On - Buckets of Rain - America the Beautiful (Blues Version) So, do you know the Artists that did all these different songs?

My Beautiful Life is a....

I am not exactly sure why I started thinking about the history of my life. But I did and had to go find a picture I scanned of my sister and I when we were wee. In the following picture, I'm on the right, my sister, Rhonda, is on the left. I think we were about 4 and 3 years old. Now isn't this innocent happiness how you'd like to feel all the time!

Big Grin

This is me smiling! I won some Blog Candy from Lisa at My Crafty Stuff . Isn't that exciting!

Deceptively Fancy Eats

Cleverly disguised as fancy and difficult, both of these recipes are actually quite heart healthy. I have a friend that wants some new recipes, so these will be headed her way in the near future!

Health and Happiness

The above card I am finishing VERY late on Friday night/Saturday morning for an Asian themed swap I'm participating in. The asian script is "Happiness". The Ginko leaves in the background are for it is my desire that this card bring the receiver Health and Happiness. Now, off to bed. My cats better not wake me up or they won't be feeling all too healthy themselves!

Friday Night

Well, I just have to take a moment to talk about how much fun I had spending the day with Dave in Philadelphia. We went to the Flower Show and stayed for HOURS. I took so many photos...I took two rolls of BW film and 15 Gigabytes of photos on my digital camera. I scanned through a few today...The picture above I took at dinner. It's really blurry because of the lighting conditions (and my unsteady hand). After the Flower Market, we walked about 20 blocks to go to dinner on Market Street in the Old City section. We ate at a really cute little restaurant - Gigi's . It was very quaint. I liked the food, but didn't care too much for the music they were playing. It seemed a little too "clubish" for the romantic atmosphere. Because it was first Friday, we enjoyed strolling through the art district, visiting all the galleries. Saw some "interesting" artwork. A couple of the galleries were modern art. We meandered into one studio that was Jewish a

Play Date

My husband and I are going to the Philadelphia Flower show today. So, I will have a couple nice photos to share later! Until then, have a stinking good Friday!

Here for you

A quote from Life of Pi is so fitting this week: To lose a brother is to lose someone with whom you can share the experience of growing old, who is supposed to bring you a sister-in-law, nieces, nephews, and creatures to people the tree of your life and give it new branches. To lose your father is to lose the one whose guidance and help you seek, who supports you like a tree trunk supports its branches. To lose your mother, well, its like losing the sun above you. The other card I created is more upbeat. Hope it creates smile and brings you a moment of happiness. Hoooooo can't grin at this little guy...especially with those wiggly eyes! All stamps are from Unity Stamp Company .

Thick with Friends