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Growing in Unity - Day 2 {You Me Us}

Happy New Year everyone!  Today is the first day of a brand new year!  What are your dreams for this year?

I would imagine that my mum, with her sisters in the photos above, had all sorts of dreams.  And a story to share. Even at their wee age.

This is another page in my incredibly overdue project to scrapbook my mum's old photos.  The stamps I used in this project are from the SMAK Kit - April 2012 and Sweet Summer - KOM June 2012.  This was fun.  Now I really only have about 40 more pages to do and then I'll be done.  I really need to amp up so she sees this before too much longer!

So, on this first day of the new year, I look at the past.  And dream of the future.

Tell me your dreams!


Karenladd said…
Awesome way to use that SMAK kit! wonderful trip back in it!
Miriam Prantner said…
Gorgeous layout...I love heritage layouts, and this is just lovely, great photos to preserve!
Julie Odil said…
Great LO for the new year, looking both back and forward. Very inspiring.
Jen M said…
Such a pretty layout... What a great gift! I'm dreaming of a year of health. :/
Anonymous said…
This is a lovely layout. Reminds me of my sister book I am trying to create. My sister is no longr with me though. So I dream that she somehow can see and know what I am doing and feeling as I create it.
Carol said…
Such a sweet layout!

Happy New Year!

Carol B
Ruby said…
This is a lovely heritage layout. Layouts are always a work of the heart.
Sue D said…
Wonderful layout. I have all my mom's photos that I need to do something with.
slrdowney at hotmail dot com
sharon g said…
The trimmings look great. Very cute layout.
Lindsey said…
This is such a sweet page! Love the blue and pink with the brown background.
Lucy E. said…
Great LO! I re-did an album for my parents and they absolutely loved it! Try to get names and dates written down now if you can, because later after they start forgetting is too late.
Amber said…
Very cute layout!
Your mom will really enjoy and love the creations you have done with her pictures! I really think they had a good life back then
Scrappin' Diva said…
What a gorgeous layout! So very pretty. TFS!
Marcy H. said…
Beautiful layout.
SHartl said…
What a pretty, feminine layout! love the border strip and the word stamps!
Tracy said…
Lovely layout and such a beautiful keepsake for years to come!!
Ava Gavloski said…
great showcasing of the stamp.... nice layout. i too have a small suitcase full of old photo's so join the club, pull up a chair and maybe we can challenge and motivate each other to get her'done
ava g
Jessica Buffa said…
Your mum is sure to adore this entire project when it is finished. Can't wait to hear her reaction. You have captured the moments in the pics beautifully with your fun stamping and design!
Jessica B.
Natasha G.P. said…
your old photo is really cute. i love the black and whites. The blue flowers and paper look so nice. this is just a really cute layout.
Carol L said…
I love seeing treasures like this and your Mom will enjoy looking through all the lovely pages you've created with her old photos! When my mom fell and broke some bones and had to be placed into nursing care, I found a big box of old photos she'd had hidden away, and I worked night and day to document them into a scrapbook which she cherished until the day she passed away. I'd take that scrapbook with me to visit her and it was always brand new and exciting for her to look through the pages and relive her precious memories. Keep at it - your mom will cherish hers too!
Denise Bryant said…
Fun page! I love the pics.... great for your Mom to look back at some special memories.

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