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Down on the Farm

My group of friends, the Rah-Rah's, plan regular visits about once every other year to one our homes for a short visit to relax, have fun, make stuff, shop and eat. Next year, we are thinking about visiting Jean at her Chicken Farm in Mississippi. We've never been there as she and her family just moved down there from the Baltimore area a few years ago. We were all shocked when she told us Dean had decided they was moving to become Chicken Farmers. You have to know Jean to understand. (and you have to know that coincidentally Dean only visits and has remained in the metropolitan area, while Jean and her oldest son and his family HAVE moved to the middle of nowhere and figured it all out!) But we did know that she could handle it. And she has. Anyway, we do have a lot of laughs making fun of what it must be like to be in the business of chicken farming. And we also have a lot of sarcastic laughter about why Dean has never really made the move.

We had a lot of fun passing notes trying to arrange this visit. Here's a summary of all our responses trying to figure out when:

Hi, more thoughts.....wondering if you all would fly or drive to
MS? Was thinking if you drove, I would have Larry drop me in MD & I
would drive down with you all. We could split the cost of gas. Plus
thinking that would give us a more 'open' date for when Jean was in not
involved in those 1st 3 weeks.

Jean...personally I would like to come while the chicks are still there
so we can see what the process is. I was thinking after that 1st
initial 3 weeks when they come in & your super busy. I'll bring my knee
waders so I can lend a hand tho. And a cloths! Ginny


I'm up for what works best, and I'm willing to lend a hand with
chickens too. Robin


I'm up for whatever works best too. If we all road down together, we
could call it the Yippy Hippy Road Rah-ley! (Rah for Rah-Rah's)

I think I'll need convincing before I work to remove anything dead from
a chick house. I think I would prefer to play with, photograph, and
even possibly rescue the live ones! Are they still cute at 3 weeks?
(PS Ginny, that grease used in morgues....we should get some before
we head down there. That way we can handle the smell!) Rebecca


I'm all for the Yippy Hippy Road
Rah-ley! AND the nose grease!

Ok Jean...we need to hear from you now.... Ginny


Seems someone needs to share about this morgue grease. just sounds
gross to me. does one stuff it in their nostrils to block out the smell?
then you'd have to be a mouth breather and anything we don't want o
smell bad enough to shove grease up our noses isn't something I want
grazing my taste buds. lol. Joanne


We could always shove stuff up our noses, breathe through out mouths,
but wear surgical masks. Robin


greasy smelling salts
ammonium bicarbonate
You smear it under your's sort of like petroleum jelly with
something like raven sara or ammonia in it (akin to Vicks vapor rub),
but much stronger....

Your choice is nasty smelly chicken sh%& or a greasy upper lip. LOLOL


or oxygen tanks... Robin


Damn, i think we can do better than this. can't we smear something
amusing on our lips? we could break open a junior mint (like smelling
salts) whenever the smell starts getting to us. smear the minty goodness
on our lips and eat the spent chocolate coating!

Every kids' fantasy! baby chicks and candy. Joanne


Ok...I have to side with Joanne on this one. I'll bring the chocolate!


Hey Rah Rah's, talked with Jean & she had just read our messages last
night & thought 'wow, they are all coming here!" Tjen today found out
that Joey is going to MD in Mar when her sisiters baby is born. Sooo Jean
will be short handed & said March would be a perfect time for us to
come. Again if we plan to drive, that would leave us more open date wise.
Depending on the time & where I am, I can have Larry drop me in MD or
MS. I would prefer MD & can get in a visit with Jeff, Julia a my
sister. But if MS, I'd like to hitch a ride hack & visit them after the farm.

A Yippity Rah Rah road trip! Oh yeah.....along with the Jr. Mints we
will be annointing our lips with, attached is a picture of Robin
demonstrating our facial gear.....

Excitment has set in!


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