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June Retirement Breakfast

It was time for another pancake feast. The excuse...Joni's "If I Have to Leave, I'll Retire" breakfast.

Because Joni (all smiles above) will be retiring at the end of the month, Kathy and I decided to take her to breakfast to "celebrate".

Joni is laughing in the picture, because I couldn't believe how much food she ordered(and finished, by the way)! Actually, I couldn't believe that this was a single item on the menu! I had to snap a photo because I'd not seen a breakfast of that size since I stayed overnight with my Uncle Tommy and Aunt Shelia last year (they really wanted to make sure John, Dave and I didn't go hungry).

When I asked her what her plans were after she finished here, she said, well, first things first, I'm headed to Florida to see Mickey....

After that, who knows.


Proud Mom said…
That is QUITE a breakfast! (Might be good though because you'd be full through to dinner!) Cute bag!

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