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Festive Fall

Too fancy for Chinese? I think not! Some friends of mine are entertaining and ask me to help them make the party decor to die for.

We're going with fall colors, but throwing in some rich purple to give it warmth and atmoshphere.

This napkin ring features stamps from Unity's September Store Kit of the Month. A simple design using 5 stamps from the set.

Here's a closeup!

So, it's Friday and I'm definitely ready for the weekend. It's supposed to be nice...and this weekend I might be able to spend more time with Dave. Last weekend he worked almost the entire weekend, but he may get some reprieve! Jolly outdoors fun is what we're after!


Judy Rozema said…
AWESOME! Love this!!
Kim said…
What a nice idea. TFS!
Pam said…
What a beautiful addition to a dinner table! Have a relaxing weekend!
ellepaulette said…
What a fantastic project! I love it! I am so happy I stopped by here today!! :)
Unknown said…
ahh so cute, what a great idea.
Monika in VA said…
Outstanding! I'm sure your friends will be overjoyed!
Robynccgirl said…
Great idea! Love it!
Lillian Child said…
Very original idea !!
whoistracy said…
Oh this is such a cute idea! And how sweet are you to make these for your friends' party?!?
Oh my goodness. this is lovely. and your photography is awesome!
Rona said…
Great idea!! Very pretty!
Sara Henton said…
What a really awesome idea!!
Unknown said…
Bek, this is such a terrific are so creative! Love how it ties and that spark of purple makes it pop! TFS!
Randi said…
Wow! These are stunning fall colors! Love that purple!! That napkin/chopstick holder is beautiful and brilliant!
Unknown said…
Absoultely gorgeous! I LOVE this...Beautiful blog and beautiful work!! Xx
4guysandagirl said…
What a great idea!!!!
Samantha said…
the guests will be amazed by the work you put into these decorations, they are really wonderful, I would so appreciate them if i were there!
Lisa H. said…
just lovely! I adore the pop of purple, I think it's perfect!
Gwen said…
Great project...but what I REALLY love is the quote under your picture! That is awesome! :)
Scrapacat said…
Snazzy stuff! I'd love to go to dinner with decorations like this!
Angie Blom said…
this is a great idea, love it!

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