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Gumball Painting

Gumball Painting(web), originally uploaded by bloomingpink.

Finished this tonight!

On other notes.....Lil'Dude is going in for surgery in the morning. Neuter and having a bunch of baby teeth pulled that are hanging about in and around his grown-up teeth.

Keep him in your thoughts....all 4.5 lbs of him.


Robin said…
Hope all is well with Oliver. Your painting is great. You really do everything so well. Hope to get together with you soon.

Unknown said…
Thanks! He is doing a little better.

Was nauseous and slept alot...still sleeping alot.
~Paola~ said…
WOW!! U are soooooooooo talented!
This is another awesome painting of yours that I like very much...
Wish U could teach me too...(I used to dabble at it a lifetime ago...but never tas successfully as your works of art)
Kudos to U....

I hope your little furbaby is well on the mend ....Oliver is sooo adorable!!:o)
Take care...miss ya!

Paola (aka Sama)

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