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Baja Wedding

Here are the layouts I did for my Mom and Dad's wedding.  If you look closely, you'll notice that I used the owl I did last week on the first page.

Aren't their clothes awesome?!  My mom was quite the dresser...always so fashionable and so Audrey (Hepburn).  And Dad, he always wore suits (to work). And black.  I'll have to load one of the pages of them at a party.  All the men wore black, slim ties...and they all smoked.  So early 60's.  Dad wasn't a wise guy in the Badabing way..but he was pretty of those geeky mechanical engineers that worked on nuclear stuff...mostly reactor stuff...not the bombs.  You know...just sayin'.

Fun and simple design, but took all evening on Thursday to put together.

Enjoy your weekend!  We are getting some wintery weather....finally, giving me a chance to hunker down and craft!

Oh, and no post is complete without a quick shot of the lil dude....

We were out walking along the waterfront in town in this shot.  He was a bit tired at this point, because he had been so frisky exploring all the new sites and smells.


jackie 4124 said…
It's great that your are scrapping your parents wedding. I love the look back then. Everyone looked so sharp.
Poor puppy....he looks so "dog" tired
What would we have ever done without Kodak film back in the day. Now they have gone bankrupt. So sad:( Love you creation with the vintage photo and your fur baby is adorable.
Jingle said…
Such a cute puppy! I love your projects!
Ruby said…
I like all of your projects.
Kary said…
Lovely layouts & photos!! And, your dog is so cute!!
Gwen said…
Awesome pages of your parents! Great way to honor them! I LOVE how you put the ribbon on the stick pin!
Sarah said…
I seriously am in love with this layout-- what a brilliant idea! So sweet! And the little dude--so cute!
Linda said…
Wow great work. and your dog so cute.
lisa arana said…
What a great page! The owl is just too perfect. Your little dude is too cute!
Danie May said…
Rebecca your layouts are gorgeous. I just love the way you have used four embossed panels behind the beautiful photo of your parents on their wedding day, such a fabulous idea. And your pup is so cute.
Eva said…
Your doggie is adorable, and the layout you made is perfect.
Pryn said…
Fabulous work on those wedding pages! Your parents look so elegant and classy...a photo to cherish for generations!

Your fur baby is so handsome :)
Anne Tussing said…
Great LO! I like your style. I tried to comment last week too, but Blogger wasn't letting me.
Glenda J said…
Absolutely wonderful! Great colours.
Jocelyn Olson said…
I love the pic of your're right about the early 60s look (reminds me of my parents). The owl is super cute. I love how you put the brads through its eyes (which sounds a little psycho, but it looks good!).
Karen L said…
Beautiful layout, loving the color1 And that owl is so cute!
~Tammy~ said…
Just beautiful! Your parents were quite the dressers and a beautiful couple! TFS!

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