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Birthday Cards and Critters

Another good day. Friday. FWF....ah, YAY.  We have our 10 mile run this Sunday.  Psyched.  Ready.  Just not ready for the 4 AM wake up call we'll have to get to the start on time.

It's a big race.  10,000 or so folks, I think.  I'll be out there, a sweating slow moving pebble amongst all the color and speed.  In Pink...listening to Pink, and probably singing horribly, but happily.  

Oh, but back to the photos.  This is my darling husband's birthday card.  We celebrated last evening with cake, steak, and asparagas (but not in that order).

Moses could make a card faster with a pick and rock than I can, I think.  I mean, he did come up with all those commandments in a short bit, yes?  I believe I had Unity stamps and craft materials scattered everywhere before this little gem of  a card came together.  By looking at it, you'd think it was an easy one.  No.  For me, never.  I fret over everything from the card base (which is cold pressed watercolor paper) to the ink on the image....which I redid 4 times.

The rubber stamp, tho, that was an easy pick.  From THIS set on the outside.

And I stamped from THIS set on the inside.

I mentioned on Facebook that Layla found a little turtle yesterday on our street when I was walking her and Oliver.

Kinky is transfixed by the new arrival.  Yesterday she even changed her nap location to sit next to the tupperware.

I am not sure if I want to continue the imprisonment of this sweet creature, but he's so tiny.  If I put him next to the stream across our street, I just know he will soon be a cat toy (we have a few feral cats around) or a little snack for the fox I see all the time....or restart his same journey across our street... OH! On that thought, I wonder where he was headed and if he is expected and missed by friends or family...

I know, I know....survival of the fittest.

But look at him.


Lindsey said…
Look at that teeny tiny turtle! So cute!!! :D
This card is so elegant -- worth all the time and effort, for sure!
Ruby said…
Very nice card. It looks so elegant.
Love the way the rosette is popped up! Great creation! What a sweet photo of the kitty with turtle.
Jingle said…
Absolutely perfect! This is just wonderful!
Linda said…
your projects are super cute.
mtscrapgal said…
Your card is a masterpiece. I bet your hubby thought so too. That is a tiny turtle. Good luck with it. Thanks
Unknown said…
Beautiful card. I love that sentiment. Your turtle is nearly as cute as your cat.
Gwen said…
Your card turned out great! Sometimes it just takes awhile, doesn't it? The turtle is the cutest little thing ever!
JPScraps said…
Fabulous card! Cute kitty and that turtle is so tiny :-)
Eva said…
The card is fantastic, it was worth the time it took.
Kary said…
Hi Rebecca! The card looks Beautiful - great design! Happy Birthday to your husband. All the best for your run this weekend! Looking forward to hear all about it. {hugs}
Kathryn said…
Great work- it was worth all the restarts. Love the story about the turtle!
Jen M said…
This is so cool! Great job.
chickadee3357 said…
Beautiful and elegant. Love the little pearl on top.
Glenda J said…
First off, the best of luck and speed on your run! You'll be awesome. My run was about the same amount of people, pretty overwhelming but very inspiring too. You'll feed off the energy. I did ... well at first anyway, then I was just begging to catch a breath by the end. LOL!

Your card is fantastic! Fabulous masculine design. I struggle with masculine all the time but you rocked it.

Cute photo... my gosh, such a tiny creature... so cute...
Noelle Reese said…
OK, Here is the dealio YOU can do anything. Listen to PINK and you can do it better! Next, yourcard is not simple. It is AMAZING and I totally love it!!
Happy B-DAy to DH! He has 4 days on me! Mine is the 8th. Bull headed as we can be, just as great when not being stubborn right???? LOL
I am in love with that turtle! I didn't see him that tiny on FB. You did the right thing. He wanted O-U-T! I am also in love with Kinky. When my cats look down AND do the head tilt I totally melt. If I see it from the back I darn near weep it is so stinkin' CUTE! Instead we spend a lot of time on the floor on our bellies kissing the head tilting cats! LOL
Melissa said…
I know exactly what you're talking about when it comes to fretting over the simplest of cards! Sometimes I feel like my CAS cards are anything BUT that because I complicate them WAY more than I probably need to just by overthinking things...think it's the perfectionism in me raising its ugly head! :O
Your card is fabulous! Love the simple embossed BG and that rosette is perfect with the stamped sentiment in the center! All the lines coordinate beautifully!!
As for the little turtle, I'm the same way...let them go free if they're capable of surviving on their own! Now, that's not going to be such an easy feat when it comes to my children...LOL!
Crystal said…
This is such a fun manly birthday card! And that baby turtle is just too adorable! Hopefully he can reunite with his family soon. Best of luck on your run, 10 miles is super impressive!
Gwen said…
We grow corn as a cash crop. We used to feed it to cattle but we don't have cattle anymore. Now we just raise corn and soybeans and sell them. I do garden but I'd rather play with flowers than veggies!! I can green beans, carrots, beets, freeze sweet corn, snap peas, cabbage...lots and lots of work but not as much as when all three kids were home!
Barb King said…
Nice card, love the idea of the rosette with the round sentiment on top. Beautiful cat!
Pryn said…
GORGEOUS card!!! Love, love, love the CAS design!!!
Hope you did well in the race yesterday...running as well as singing ;)
That little turtle is soooo sweet!!! Your kitty is beautiful and the photo is priceless....wonder what Kinky is thinking???

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