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Courage, Strength, Hope - May {ippity} Release!

I don't know about you, but I need something to celebrate this week.  Work has been quite the challenge  adventure.

So, to continue my goal of ever increasing bliss (yes, it's a stretch goal), I just stayed focused on the things that I enjoy.

One of which is creating beautiful things.  

And, of course, we all know that Unity stamps makes creating beautiful things so much easier.  If you haven't seen their release this week, go check it out.  It's pretty amazing and I'm going to be finding myself pretty broke and eating lots of Ramen and $1 pasta next week!

The card above is using an {ippity} set that is releasing tonight!  Among several others....Like, right now!

Courage is my strength

I want to digress a little and talk about this release and what it means to me...and what it means to the stamp artist.  This release is focused on strength and courage and living life to the fullest.  The artist, Dana Carlson, was inspired by her mother's struggle with cancer....and how admirably and elegantly she is facing it.  This release is personal to me because of my daughter's wonderful grandmother who fought an exceptional battle with cancer across more than a decade before humbly laying down her sword.  I can't even express in words what courage I saw, what spirit she had, and how gracefully she faced all that she encountered.

I don't think I have it in me to be such a woman. snapping myself back to the task at hand....

If you are just visiting (because you love my silly little doggies and wonderful prose about this and that) because you are interested in my life, then you might not know about the release...happening RIGHT NOW.  And you might want to tour around the other blogs also participating because there's lots of pretty stuff out there! 

One of the great things about the release night is the sales!  They are always tremendous. So, if you loved the images as much as I do, are totally inspired by all the beautiful projects you're hopping through, then you'll want to purchase them soon, because after that...well.....YIKES!  So go visit Unity's website and start shopping!

SOOOOO, want to see more beautiful things?

Start HERE to start from the beginning of the hop.  But if you're hopping along already, then go visit, Susan, who has some more {ippity} wonderfulness to show you!  Click the link below!


Barbara Bruder said…
Love your card. The colors are so pretty!!
Kristina said…
Oh wow your card is truly stunning! I really love your color choices! Great job!
Heather said…
love how you utilized the stamp set.. love the colors and embossing great job
Sherri Thompson said…
Absolutely amazing card, Rebecca! Gorgeous colors and design! Thanks for sharing! :-)
JPScraps said…
Beautiful! I love how you colored the butterfly!
Rona said…
Beautiful card - so much great texture and fabulous way to color the butterfly!!
Noelle Reese said…
What a beautiful card! And that is all I can type today. MUAH LOL
Ruby said…
This is a very touching card. I would have loved to receive it when I was fighting breast cancer 5 years ago. You did an amazing job.
Lisa H. said…
beautiful post and a BEAUTIFUL card. looove it!
Jessica said…
You never disappoint! This is stunning. Love the color palette!
Happy FWF Friday!
Kary said…
Rebecca, this is a lovely card!! I love that hope butterfly, and the colours you used. Just beautiful!
Jessica said…
Happy Hip Hop!
Jessica S
Judy said…
A really lovely card. Your post really hit home. I'll keep you in my prayers and thoughts.
Jen said…
This is gorgeous. LOVE IT.
Kate said…
Fab card :)
Kate xx
I adore the watercolor dreaminess of this card. It is sure to give a lift to someone in need! Beautiful. You hang in there!
marilyn said…
Fabulous card....thinking I might just need some of these stamps! Yes, I agree....cancer is a monster and there are lots of heroes out their battling this monster.
Gwen said…
Beautiful card! Love the embossing and how you've selected certain parts of that sentiment for your card!
Eva said…
What a stunning card!!!!! What a great new release!!
NoraAnne said…
This is so gorgeous! Beautifully made card and I love all of the meaning behind these stamps :)
Linda said…
I love that awsome butterfly. very pretty!
Eva said…
Your card is stunning!
Becky Litz said…
oooh Rebecca, this is sooo pretty! I love the different embossed backgrounds and the coloring on the butterfly.
Amy said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Amy said…
Stunning card with a perfect sentiment. I lost my mother as a child to breast cancer. It is only now as a mother with children of my own that I can start to really appreciate what she went through. To a cure!
Julie Odil said…
That butterfly is beautiful! I lost my mother to brain cancer. I wondered everyday where she got her strength. People can be amazing.
What a stunning the color choices.
Scrapper Myra said…
NIce stamps and the message in your card... so strong.. beautiful card! Thanks for the inspiration.
Maria Levine said…
Lovely job! I think the embossing looks great!
Pryn said…
Gorgeous card! I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your daughter's grandmother. May she rest in peace <3

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