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Party Favors and Spoiled Babies

Another Friday is here and I'm ready for the weekend, aren't you?  We are actually getting a bit of a break on the we're not supposed to top 80F.  Nice.

I haven't been able to participate in FWF for a few weeks now and I'm happy again to pop around and view all the great creations!

But weather aside, I wanted to show the favors that I made for Oliver's little doggie party.  They were very simple, using Unity's "Party All Day" set.  The doggie on the treat bag I made is from a long ago retired stamp that I will never part with (cuz it's just too dang cute!)

Another closeup of the cupcake!  They were tasty, by the way!

Aren't they silly?!  Layla wasn't interested in wearing the hat or having her picture made for future humiliation...all she really wanted was to steal that meatloaf cupcake from the birthday boy!

Oliver, "It's my Party and I Can Cry if I want To"

Cuz he was tired of having his picture taken and was very worried someone would steal his treat!

Okay, with all that, enjoy your weekend!


Ruby said…
This is just beyond cute. The hat and treat bags are wonderful. Great project idea.
Emily H said…
Wow! So fun! Thanks for sharing!
Mary said…
Bow-wow-wow! That was my dog giving her bark of approval! How fun!
Karen said…
So totally sweet! I love the photos too...made me smile!
Melissa said…
Too cute! Great party favors and two adorable pups! :)
Linda said…
great party hat!
Mirta Sanchez said…
I've never been to a dog party before but I think I would have enjoyed this one! LOVE the party hats!
Scrapper Myra said…
I'm not sure if I love more your projects or your babies... TFS... :)
JPScraps said…
Way too cute! WOOF!
Jocelyn Olson said…
Oh my goodness. The pictures with your pups are so cute! I love the hats you made--they were great wearing them (my dog would have had it off in .01 seconds--ha ha). The dog on the treat bag is HILARIOUS--no wonder you won't part with it. Love it!
Julie Odil said…
This is too funny. Thanks for totally making my day! Great projects.
Eva said…
The pictures with your doggies made my day, they are so cute. Your projects are amazing!
marilyn said…
This just made me smile. Your babies are so cute. Mine wouldn't stand for putting on hats, but they are my babies! So adorable that you had a party for them.
NoraAnne said…
LOL! So cute :) I've never been to a doggie bday party before!
onecraftymama said…
I can't imagine getting my pup to stay still with a hat on her head :) With a treat at risk, no less! Love the party favor bags (I almost want to try that same filler for a kid party...almost!)
Love those FUN hats & the fringe!
Glenda J said…
Oh my gosh Rebecca... how fabulous are these? Great work! Absolutely love it! Great photos too.
jennifer mitten said…
OMG! These are adorable!
This is just the cutest post ever! How sweet! Okay, okay, your work is pretty awesome, too! LOL....
Jen said…
Those look so FUN!! Great job!

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