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Cold Heartless Prank

I get a call this afternoon at work from "a friend" of my daughter's. He said that my daughter had been in a serious accident --> hit by a car. He told me that she had a compound fracture and was being taken to a hospital (he told me the name of the hospital). I asked a few more questions as my panic increased to almost hysteria. I had started to cry and was shaking pretty badly

My daughter lives across the country - literally. I was so frightened that something had happened and she was injured and well, you know....all sorts of terrible things started running through my head.

So, in a scurry, a few of my colleagues here at work searched Google and found the number for the hospital ER and the State Police for me. What a blessing they were.

The ER said that she hadn't arrived yet. They also said that they hadn't received any "codes", meaning, that at least they were not having an emergency brought in that was life threatening. The emergency room suggested I also call the State Police.

I called the State Police and they said since midnight last night there were not any emergencies involving a pedestrian. (My daughter doesn't own a car and either walks, rides her bike, or rides the bus almost everywhere she goes).

It began to dawn on me that I might be the victim of a prank. So, I started to calm down a little bit, hopeful that she was okay.

I found the number for her house phone (since her cell phone was in somebody else's possession). Called her house and talked to one of her roommates. I asked if my daughter had mentioned whether or not she had lost her cell phone.

She had.

I asked for the exact name of the YMCA where she worked so I could look up the phone number...and finally called her workplace.

They routed me back to the room where she was working, taking care of infants.

And I talked to her and she was okay. I'm glad she's okay.

Whoever that darned boy was that played that prank needs a good knock upside the head!

For a brief amount of time, I knew what it felt like to feel helpless and afraid of losing the one person that means more to me than almost everyone else.


Robynccgirl said…
That is horrible! I'm so sorry this happened to you and that your daughter is ok! What kind of person does that?
Lindsey said…
ARG. That sucks.
HA-HA. So funny. Blah. Whatever... I hope that little jerk has someone play an awful prank like that on him some day.
Karen said…
OMG! I can't write what I would like to do with that @#$% guy!
Yep, that sucks! I hope your heart has slowed down now! Unbelievable!!
Pam said…
I can't believe someone would do that! I'm getting huffed up just reading about it! Poor You!

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