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Autumn Glow

So, is everyone recovering from their big guzzle and splurge?  Well, not me....not yet.  I still feel a little pinch in the pants.   Yikes.  Cleansing teas for me...for a week! But enough about that.

Today I'm showing you a candle I decorated for one of our daughter's birthdays.  Isn't it lovely?  And it only took a little bit of running around my craft supplies and 20 minutes - Start to Finish!  I just love it when just a little extra time and energy transforms an otherwise simple item into a such an elegant and pretty gift.
 I do.  I dig it.

And that's about how much time I had before Caitlin came over to visit with her boyfriend on their way to his family's house for Thanksgiving.  Since her birthday is next week and she was stopping by to introduce her beau, Dave thought he better give her her birthday presents while we had the opportunity in person.  (Otherwise, it would probably get to her much later and past her actual day).

This time of year has always been a think quick and be brilliant time year.  All three of our kids have their birthdays between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Isn't that just crazy?

But of course, it's not just their special day we have to be ready for, but also so many people to thank, so many wonderful folks to recognize, too much work to do, every client I have asking for everything to be completed by the end of the year, and so on.

Quick, easy and awesome.  I need more of these ideas....these 20 minute gems.

I figured you would too.

Some designer paper and card stock that coordinated with the color of the candle, a few punches, my favorite ribbon, and an elegant bold stamp swiped with my markers.  

VOILA.  It came together JUST as she and her bloke were ringing the front door!

This little package really popped with the bright crinkle ribbon - it added just the little touch that was needed.   I used Sunflower from the Harvest Bundle.  I find myself grabbing that particular color so much.  I think because it works well all year long.

So, there you go!

What are your quick and brilliant gift giving ideas?


Jessica Buffa said…
Rebecca, this is a sweet way to dress up a simple candle. Love the sunflower ribbon against that wonderful paper!
Jessica S
Anonymous said…
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