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Happy Birthday Friend

One of my very good friends is having a birthday tomorrow.  I really don't think she knows how often she enters my thoughts nor how often I pray that she continues to mend...but she's there...always...behind my thought.

And she turns one year older in just a couple hours.  And I, as well as so many others, are so glad to see this birthday of hers, because not very long ago, she spent this birthday in a hospital, recovering from one of the most horrific motorcycle accidents many have ever experienced.

And she survived.

She is here for a reason.  So glad.

So glad I know her.

Happy birthday friend.  I have only silly little trifles to offer you.  But I'm glad you are here today to celebrate.


Jen M said…
What a great card!
Cynthia said…
Lovely CAS design, Rebecca. Your friend with appreciate the creative thought!
Kary said…
Beautiful card for your friend, Rebecca! I hope she continues to recover well. You are such a thoughtful friend to her. Take care!
Very pretty! Love the green pop!
Angeline Choo said…
Love the green accents!
SherylK said…
What a touching story. I'm glad your friend is doing well. She's lucky to have such a wonderful friend like you to make her such a beautiful card. Thank you for sharing.
Chris Dring said…
What a beautiful card, and thank you for sharing your story. She is lucky to have a friend in you!
Great CAS card!! Love the ribbon and that green is awesome
jennifer mitten said…
Great card and beautiful sentiments you have expressed about your friend.
Julie Odil said…
What a beautiful tribute to your friend. I hope she sees your blog post. You'll bring tears to her eyes, for sure. Glad to see you linked up on FWF (missed you)
Gaylynn said…
This card should brighten her day. How pretty it is in the lime green and Kraft.
Anonymous said…
She will love it!
Ruby said…
Lovely card. She is going to love it.
StampNK said…
Love simple and elegant design!! The green on kraft is so pretty!
Miwa said…
What a beautiful card!
Donna K said…
Your card style is right up my alley! Love your bright green with the craft card stock. This is just adorable!
Barb King said…
Very striking card!
JPScraps said…
Fabulous card! Love the green and kraft.
Love the doodling around the cut work! HB to your friend.
Corrie said…
what great colors and I love that sentiment stamp. So glad to hear your friend is doing better, things like that put things in perspective for us thats for sure
Sue D said…
Lovely card for a special friend.
Sam said…
Love your card, I like using kraft paper too. The green works really well, will have to try that color combo. Thanks for sharing.
Meredith said…
Such a wonderful reason to celebrate ~ your friend is lucky to have you, too!
Ava Gavloski said…
love this cute clean lined card
ava g
Gwen said…
Pretty card. Glad your friend survived to celebrate again! That sentiment is going to be used a lot here!
Jessi Fogan said…
I'm so glad for you & your friend. Your card is gorgeous - and your joy in celebrating with her jumps right off my screen :)
Cheri said…
This is absolutely beautiful. I love the colors.


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