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Knitted Love - Care Tags

So, it's downright chilly outside...and we're experiencing a "nor'easter" which I had NEVER heard of until I moved here. For those of you that don't know what it is either, you can find out more HERE.

Anyway, there is almost no better way to spend time when you're stuck indoors than knitting (my dogs would disagree...they still believe there is NOTHING good about inside except TREATS).

But I digress.  This post is about all the knitted good I'm making...But you really can't SEE in the photo above.  It's another hat, similar to THIS ONE.  It's for another friend having a birthday this week.

I have to keep it sorta quiet, tho, cuz she'll find out before she gets it!  Anyway, here's a little care tag I made for her hat.  And it fits, given our present weather conditions!

I had so much fun creating this tag...It was a REAL mess, tho, cuz I painted and glittered, and painted some more, and glued...and YIKES...I let the paint DRY on my stamps, so that was a different challenge.

Anyway, the snowflake stamps that are Unity (SNOWFLAKE KISSES), and that photo frame...also Unity - from CAPTURED LIFE.

And I used two different Crinkle Ribbons from 3GIRLJAM - Spooky Bundle and Celebrations Bundle.

My favorite part, is what I wrote for the care instructions.  I dunno, it's probably not right to say, but I just LOVED it.

What do you think?  Agree?  I thought it was such fun.  The hat -- ALIVE.  It sounded to as if the little hat was actually knowingly involved in the process of keeping my friend warm!

OH, if you're hanging with me, that leads me to the best part of this post.  I noticed recently that I am >100 followers.  And I'd like to offer a little Thanks with some BLOG CANDY...


It'll be a mystery, but I'll let you give some input on what you'd like you like rubber?  How about designer paper?  Card stock?  Accessories? Paint?  Art supplies?  You name it in the comments, and I'll put a great supply of goods together.

And instead of just one winner...doesn't two sound better?  Thought so!

I'll announce the winners next Friday!

(You can increase your chances by following me here and on my open facebook page -- - an extra chance for each place...comment, follow, facebook follow)


Jen M said…
Um, LOVE the tags but I'm totally with your dogs - the best part about staying inside, besides crafting, is candy cane hershey kisses. :)

Kary said…
A lovely tag! Can't wait to see the knitted gift. I'm sure the tag looks great with it. Love your care instructions - so cute!
Angeline Choo said…
i absolutely LOVE your tag! that's so pretty!
Beautiful tags! And you should love your creations, they are fantastic!
What a beautiful idea to complement your lovely present x
kdgowdy said…
Gorgeous all the texture! TFS!
Linda said…
those are very creavited.
Ruby said…
Very nice tags.
Julie Odil said…
I need one of those hats here in cold Wisconsin. -5 this morning, but warmed up to 20 degrees this afternoon. We have a storm heading our way on Sunday and Monday, but it doesn't sound as tough as yours. My dogs totally agree with your dogs. Indoors is for sleeping and treats -- and bothering mom in her craft room. Love the colors in your tag. And the ribbon, of course ;)
Tracy said…
Gorrrgeous and can`t wait to see more!!
Stay safe and warm.
Your tags are gorgeous!! A great addition to the knitted hat!!
Cardstock, ribbon anything crafty is great.
holy moly I LOVE that first tag!
Sue D said…
Wonderful tag and I really like the care instructions!
Congrats on your >100 followers. I am a card maker so I like rubber, paper, cardstock etc.
Diana Fernandez said…
Ohhh how cute!!! I love that little saying for how to take care of the hat! Fabulous!
Gaylynn said…
Beautiful artwork. Hope got the paid off of the stamps. Yikes. I like rubber stamps, but anything crafty. :)
Angie said…
Gorgeous tag! Love the care directions on the back. :)
Two awesome tags! I learned to crochet a bit as a young girl, but I just could not get knitting. As for the the inside doggie here, I have visions of her turning into one big treat. Rubber or paper, I hoard them both!
Donna K said…
Rebecca!!! This tag is AMAZING. Textures, colors... ahhh... beautiful. I'm just so impressed. How fun to have so many hobbies, your friend is going to love both. And blog candy... well I love it all so I will be back to check on you and congratulations on your 100th follower!
JPScraps said…
Both tags are gorgeous!
Michelle said…
Gorgeous tags! As for supplies....I love everything :)
jennifer mitten said…
I love the tag and the message is fabulous!
Miwa said…
What a beautiful tag with a cute twist!
Tameko said…
Both tag designs are fabulous!!!! Love all the texture, elements, and sentiment.
Lucy E. said…
Beautiful tag, Rebecca! Congrats on your >100 blog followers.
How about some of that Creative Inspirations paint? I am really wanting to try it since reading about it on your blog :)

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