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Hoot Hoot

This week has just flown by...but this owl, until last night, sat cozy and safe on my craft table, waiting for his "wings".

I created the background paper to have a woodlike grain using this week's SCS tutorial. I really liked how this turned out...and my woodworking husband approved!

These cards are going to make their way to Vivian for her JLO swap.


Pam said…
So CUTE! Your woodgrain looks better than the tutorial! Now I really want to try it!
Robin said…
Wow, I am impressed. I saw that tutorial and wondered if it would work. You sure proved it. I think I will go try it out now.
Carol W said…
Love this card have done an amazing job with the woodgrain background...well actually with the whole card....I am very impressed.....
Unknown said… created that wood background?'s terrific! I'm going to have to look for that tutorial. Amazing are such a talent!

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